Unlimited BT Broadband Complaint

Here’s a complaint from a new BT broadband customer and the problems they have received and their anger at ‘Unlimited BT Broadband’ complaint being not unlimited. We have received complaints about BT misleading customers about their unlimited broadband actually having a limit on it.

Dear BT Complaints

I have been a customer of BT broadband for a little over 4 weeks and in this time I have had the following problems:

  • My phone cut off after I had paid my bill
  • I have had a home hub phone that does not work
  • I ordered a broadband accelerator that has never arrived
  • I get telephone calls 24 hours a day from marketing people knowing my name and address even though I am ex directory
  • To top it all yesterday I have had an email telling me I will have my broadband speed reduced because of your fair use policy.

I have option 3 with UNLIMITED broadband that is what I had ordered over the phone after reading BT web site. I now think the web site is misleading and inadequately advertising unlimited broadband.

How can it be unlimited broadband if there is a limit of 80 to 100 gb downloads (and you only find out about this when you reach it, I have no written contract).

If I go to a unlimited buffet lunch…I don’t expect to get a smaller plate after I have had 1 plate full.

Nowhere in your website does it state there is a limit of 80 to 100 gb downloads all it refers to is “Subject to Network Management” but no download amount is mentioned.

Due the all of the above points I find that your terms and conditions are not fairly set out and displayed on your web site and were not explained to me when I ordered over the telephone, I have contacted Talk Talk and they have sent me a copy of their fair use policy ( even their £6.99 package with a £4 download boost is 80 gb).

So needless to say I am canceling on the grounds of misleading advertising and inadequate information and will be joining talk talk in a few days, I do not expect to receive any cancellation charges and if I do I will dispute them in court and with ofcom.

Stephen McCulloch

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  • "Nowhere in your website does it state there is a limit of 80 to 100 gb downloads all it refers to is "Subject to Network Management" but no download amount is mentioned."

    Nothing more is needed as long as said network management policy is laid out somewhere that it can be seen if someone wants to look at it. BT will win a court battle on these grounds.

    Just an aside… It's not 80-100Gb. You are notified at 80Gb that you are approaching 100Gb, and that you will be restricted at that point.

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