Unlimited Broadband Incorrect Bill

This complaint was emailed to us today and complains about incorrect billing which is something we’re only too familiar with – it’s probably the most emailed complaint we receive when it comes to BT’s telephone and broadband services.

Dear BT Complaint,

Just spent 40 minutes on the phone to BT customer services trying to get an answer to why I had been told my monthly direct debit would be £43.50 when I had upgraded my broadband to unlimited, apparently this would cover the cost of broadband, calls and line rental and the amount that was outstanding.

My bill arrived today stating my monthly direct debit would be £111.50. In a nutshell I was told that I had misheard the person that sold me the contract, he would not give me his line managers name and stated that BT had no complaints department that I could write to.

When I had repeated numerous times that I was not querying the amount outstanding from my previous bill and that I only wanted an explanation as to why I had been told that my direct debit would be £43.50 per month he had the cheek to hang up!!

Absolutely furious, I have been a customer of BT for many years for my broadband and now I am locked into a 12 month contract because of lies. I will be taking this further, I have his name and if I have my way he will be sorry.

Liz Black

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  • BT added charges for a local advertising service without asking, the charge was for over £40, although this was refunded when challenged many businesses may not pick this up, the lady said they had added it to a lot of businesses but it was being refunded to anyone who complained- its appalling to say the least!
    Three months later I was charged for a repair call out when the fault was a bt issue, had I not seen this it would have been £125 charged for me suffering a poor line, I am of the impression BT is adding costs to business bills as they are harder to spot on already larger bills. if you have a business check you bill this isn't right

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