Unlimited broadband complaint from a gamer / designer

Dear BT Complaints

Please share this complaint about unlimited broadband on your website and include it in your report you are compiling for investigation by Ofcom, Watchdog and BT themselves.

I’ve been a Loyal BT Broadband customer for more than 3 Years now. And I am informing you of a situation that I am not happy about. For the month of May between 5pm and midnight my broadband is being restricted to 1mb speed because I went over 100GB. Know I understand that you have a fair usage policy in place. But I would like to point out a few areas of concern regarding this and also using the term Unlimited.

1. What you call a fair policy is in fact not a fair policy at all.

Why? My reason as follows. There are 4 family members that use the Internet in this house. 3 of us have a PC myself my sons aged 18 and 14 and my wife has her own laptop. My wife uses the Internet for work and for online shopping.

Myself I am a part time web designer, Gamer and the head of a UK gaming clan. My sons are also members of various gaming clans as well. Now my point is this, being a web designer I have to look after several websites from my home which involves uploading webpages images, video etc. Etc. To my various clients’ sites. Also as a head of a UK gaming clan I have to daily check and download maps and demos for various types of games that we play upload them to our server and check that they run ok I have to do this for 2 servers that we have . Also being a gamer I also buy games that I can download mainly from valve Steam. I have to update them on a regular basis with updates and game patches. I own over 75 games at this time.

My sons also have between them over 40 game titles for their pc’s and Xboxes. Which also need to be updated and they also buy games online. So you can see that this can indeed lead us from time to time using more of our download allowance.

For instance this weekend valve steam have a code master bundle of 5 racing games which I have purchased for myself for£12:50 Saving over £56:00 and my sons want the game pack as well now this offer is only on this weekend so if we all want this pack we need to all be able to download it Because you can’t transfer the games to another PC.

You have to download to each PC. But wait if we to this then we will be restricted again next month. Why because the game pack is around the 40gig size and if we did download the pack for each of us it would take us over the 100GB limit. And this is only the 2nd day of the month. So as you can see how fair is this. So because we update our games buy games online and also look after websites and gaming clans we are be restricted. Mmmm seems pretty fair to me..NOT. In this age of the Internet while more and more option are becoming available for home users to download items like films in SD and HD music, games and software.

I think its time you lot get real and think about the future. And not put restriction on persons who have done nothing but what to enjoy this technology and the ABILITY to use it to its full potential. No wonder the UK is lagging far behind the world in this field.

2. You advertise your option 3 pack as being an UNLIMITED PACK

(no its not it’s a 100 gig PACK) Advertise it as that then and not as an unlimited service.

Unlimited means no restrictions, English dictionary definition of unlimited = (outright: without reservation or exception)”.

And this might be a good idea. Since you can tell how much usage the line is using why not make this service available to you customers so they can see how much they are using by just typing in their telephone number and you get the total you have used so far very handy. That way you don’t need to install software onto each PC and laptop.

Also in the e-mail you send that you get to inform you that you may get restriction put in place because you are over 80 GB over 80GB can mean anything how are you meant to restrict your downloads if you don’t know your true download use. If you went to your bank and they told you that you had over £80 in the bank and then you asked for £120 then they said sorry you have only 100 that you can use. How would that make you feel? Anyway that’s my letter finished hope you can see my points. And hope you actually do something about it.

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  • Absoutlely sick and tired of being told that there is a problem with outlook, with my web site provider and having my computer remotely accessed for hours on end over a period of six weeks when there is patently a problem with BT broadband. Am desperate to find a broadband provider which is more efficient in London SE3 but it seems that BT have a bit of a monopoly.

  • Indeed it is wrong of BT to say its unlimited when its not. I just left BT Broadband because they could not supply me the 20meg service yet my neighbour has it with BT also, BT said it will take a few months as im on their old system!! , i am now with SKY 20meg service, TRULY UNLIMITED and i am very very happy now, no capping of speeds during peak hours always a constant throughput of 17mb. good luck

  • If you are using BT Home broadband and are running a part time web designing company from it then you should be on business broadband

  • It does not matter who your ISP is if you are still reliant on a BT Landline.
    In ruaral areas like where I live we can only connect at 111kbps! that is not Broadband, but BT says it is as I can connect to the internet albeit at a very low speed.

  • For the last 6 months I have had nothing but stress as a consequence of using BT 'unlimited' broadband package 3 as since Jan 2010 they seem to have applied this 'unfair usage policy' what rubbish!!! I totally agree with the points above as BT have definitely deceived customers with their sudden implementation of this so called policy. I resent being advised that this is for MY own good!! what a cheek…. I have been paying premium rates with these A%%holes for the last 4 years and I have to say they are utter parasites and should be ashamed of themselves. But then I guess it would be necessary for them to exhibit human traits which clearly these money grabbing $%$$£ don't nor will ever possess.

    I am looking forward to the day I never have to deal with this company again.

  • Note that you can indeed copy games from one machine to another through Steam quite easily.

    Right click the game, click "Backup game files" and follow the rather simple instructions.

  • biggist rip off in the cosmos i to have purchased BT UNLIMITED depending if your smart to relized its aload of hot gas gas" as in a big lie its bullcrap i have a years contract left can't waite to tell bt to go fuck them self PS they also scamed me with bt vision basically we signed to a fat cat money making corporation who couldn't care less about the average british citizen..NO WONDER WHY AL QUEDA WANT TO BLOW US UP IF U DO DECIDE TO PLANT A BOOM STICK IT NEXT THERE TRANSMITER THEN MAY B WE WOULD GET FASTER BROADBAND….GOOD LUCK TO ALL VICTIMS OF BT…

  • Hahaha, so much vitriol in here. BT's fair usage policy is there for anyone to peruse. It's not theft or fraud, it's a traffic management policy designed to protect the experience for the majority of users.

    The remark a few up about business broadband is completely valid. If you're running or operating a business you should use the right tool for the job.

    By the way, can the IP of the above poster be traced and be reported for possible terrorism links? I'm kinda scared.

  • Totally agree – I am leaving BT so called unlimited, I had to get another line and a different provider to get the true unlimited usage. I will now phoned them up and show them 2 fingers

  • ive had nothing but trouble from B.T,my speeds are useless as im a gamer,i get if im lucky about 1meg i was quoted 4meg if id known id never have bothered,xbox live can support 1 meg but its laggy and all
    other things being equal the person with better speed will win,this is supported by fact that at my friends with 8meg i simply win more,b.t have refused to fix my broadband,if goes off when im phoned,i was told
    a lift and shift would be needed(aparently a change of sockets of some kind) would be needed,2 engineers have openly said "the service provider wont do it".bt india after much hair pulling have admitted there are no spare parts ????.one thing tho i totally agree option 3
    should not be called unlimited but if your using OVER a 100gig of data,id take a wild guess that p2p/torrent downloading is been used
    freeware ? i think not,tell me im wrong ?

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