Unlimited Broadband 3 Complaint

Another unhappy BT customer who finds out they have gone over their broadband monthly limit when they are on ‘unlimited broadband 3’.

Dear BTcomplaint.com

I Received this BT email, 18/04/10 with “do not reply to to this Email” just to make it easy (They Had already Capped my broadband service unknown to me)

Fair Usage Policy: your speed may be restricted at peak times

Dear Customer,

We thought you’d like to know that your broadband usage in April is now above 80GB.
In accordance with our Fair Usage Policy, and to protect the online experience of all our customers, if your monthly broadband usage goes over 100GB, we’ll restrict your broadband speed at peak times (typically this is between 5pm and 12am, but these times may change depending on the demands on the network) to 1Mbps for 30 days.

Please note: your service won’t be affected in any other way – we’ll restrict only your speed, not the amount you can upload and download.

We’ll email you again to let you know if your usage exceeds 100GB. For more information, please see our Fair Usage Policy.

What does this mean for me?
You have received this email because your broadband usage this month means you are a very heavy user (which is typically less than 1 per cent of all customers). If your usage has unexpectedly increased it may be for several reasons. If you have downloaded a peer-to-peer (P2P) client to your PC then your usage levels can be affected by other P2P users uploading files from your PC, you may need to adjust the settings or remove the client. It is also important to check that your wireless connection is password protected. If you suspect that your password is no longer secure then this should be changed.

You can keep track of your usage by downloading a free, independent, usage monitor from the web and installing it on your PC. This will only report the usage driven by that machine but it will provide an indication of your usage levels.

Best wishes,
BT Total Broadband team

Please note that this is an automatically generated email for your information only. Unfortunately we cannot respond to ‘replies’ to this address.

Too which I replied:

Dear BT

I have just recieved this Email from yourselves and cannot find any other contact for you. I would appreciate you forwarding this email to the corrrect “Team” if it is incorect here. Thankyou.

Email as sent:

I wish to inform you that I am on “UNLIMITED PACKAGE 3”.

This translates into about £50 a month for a very lowly 5mbps if Im lucky!

Very far from whats advertised on your web/TV package!

So I shall now be monitoring my already VERY LOW Broadband speed, to see if it is Capped to 1mbps at which point I shall Promptly cancel my Direct Debit at the bank and wash my hands of BT, as I shall consider I no longer have “Unlimited Service” from BT.

I also Request you send me my MAC address Promptly thankyou.

I am also registering this email complaint with BT customer service complaints website!
I look forward to hearing from you in reguards to this matter.

Yours scincerely
Mr. J. Bradley

Checked my download speed with their own speed checker, and Im already capped!

So I sent an email Stating I will be cancelling my direct deibit on the 19/04/10


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  • I understand how you feel.

    The most laughable part is that BT insist that less than 1% of customers go over their limit, on their unlimited accounts.

    Well if that's the case why bother wrecking their service?

    If less than 1% want to use the service they have paid for why not let them?

    Ye gods.

  • There are 3 people in out household who use the Broadband daily. Both hubby and son are avid gamers. So it is not just one person its 3. We have received two of these emails now.
    We chose the unlimited package.
    1 person using over 80Gb is a lot granted but divided by 3 is not.
    Bt don't take into consideration this. do they.

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