Unable to provide the level I was subscribed too

Submitted by John in October 2016

For several years I have been paying for BT Infinity 2 level, I found out today that the exchange the I am connected too is not capable of providing this level, it would appear that I should never have been offered this level of service I should have been subscribed to BT Infinity 1 ……….. Over the duration of my contract’s I have made several complaints that I was paying for a premium service but I was not receiving an acceptable speed compatible with the service i was being charged with.

I was today offered a saving of approx £10 a month (change from BT Infinity level 2 to level 1) but only if I entered into a new contract.

I find it totally unacceptable for BT Infinity to sell me a service while knowingly that my exchange was unable to provide the level I was subscribed too, i have made numerous requests for BT to check the level of service I was receiving yet never did they suggest that it was impossible for me to receive that level that I was paying for.

I would formally like to register this as a complaint and would expect a full explanation from BT Infinity why they sold me Infinity 2 when they should have known that my exchange was only capable of providing level 1, I would also request BT recon-pence me with the value of the difference between BT Infinity Level 2 and BT Infinity Level 1 for the duration of the time I have been a customer.

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