Trying to find out if a BT telephone number has been disconnected

This question was emailed by a BT customer trying to find out if a BT telephone number has been disconnected. The line isn’t a BT Line and wants to find out who to contact to sort the problem. Please leave comments below if you can help.

Dear BT Complaints

I’ve got steam coming out of my ears, I’m so frustrated!

An elderly relative has been trying to call an old friend from a BT line to a BT line for some weeks. The recorded message one gets after dialling the number is “This number isn’t recognised, please check and try again”.

We know the number is correct so I tried to report it as a fault but was told by automated voice that my line isn’t a BT line, which it is and so I can’t be assisted, then the call is disconnected!!!!!!!!

Who can I speak to about this?


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  • I have just had a related problem, trying to find someone to talk to about an elderly person's disconnected phone – after getting nowhere with the automated system that direct callers to the internet (disenfranchising the elderly in particular), I took the desperate step of phoning the number to report a bereavement. I got through to a lovely person who did her best to sort out a reconnection. I thanked her when the problem was sorted and asked her to pass on my concern that the elderly (and others) have great difficulty with automated systems that do not appear to offer an option to speak to a person.

    I know it is unfair to burden the bereavement line, but until it is clearer how to contact a BT person when needed, it is all I can suggest.

  • It is data protection not to release such information.
    If it isn't a bt line (you may think it is, but there are scams which can sign you up to their service without you knowing) you cannot talk to bt retail to ask about it.
    Eve if you do get through to a person they probs will be unable to tell you.

    Most phoneslines have a built in option to go to a queue to speak to an advisor, usually 0 or #, try them when getting the press 1 etc options, they might be able to tell you who to contact to find out who your phone line is with.

    The best things to try are:
    call 150, or 151 and see which customer services you get through to.

    double check information on any bills you get, the line rental could be bt but the calls package someone else ontop.

  • i have had broken phoneline for 2months, it has a crackiling noise and the volume goes up and down while on the phone. i have rang and spoken to many different people and been told many different things, i think the customer service is TERRIBLE and not been able to speak to the same person through the fault is silly.They tried to charge me (which i was unaware of )for a engineer that come and replaced a internal phoneline which never fixed the problem and he caused a mess. i would not recommend BT to anyone. STAY AWAY FROM BT

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