Trying to cancel my account

Today I have spent almost an hour on three separate occasions trying to cancel my account which is due to run out on November 6 2016 I have been unable to get any where this evening I spoke to someone on the chat part of bt only to be told
(A) that they were untrained at this sort of thing and
(B) they suggested that I call bt on landline to cancel.

I was then passed to a supervisor who told me if I cancelled my account it would cost me 531 pound, i asked what for a month then where did he get that number from he declined to answer, in august when I first attempted to cancel I was told it would cost 209 pounds because I had a box, I told them I did not have a bt box, I was then offered a very low new contract almost half my current rate.

I said I would accept it provisionally provided that if I felt inclined I could cancel again before Nov 6 2016, I was told I would have to give 30 days notice and would therefore have to cancel on Oct 6 2016 today so I tried. Eventually I received a call from the BT options department they asked why I wanted to cancel I gave several reasons such as mobile signal was crap, telephone repairs were not carried out properly etc etc, then I asked so can you cancel it . He said he would not cancel it, I asked if he was refusing to cancel my bt on Nov 6 when it ends and he replied he would not cancel it.

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  1. If you look at my previous e mails you will see how BT have treated a customer of 60 years standing and aged 86. The problem is one of regularly reducing my speed and a litany of broken promises. It seems the main defence put forward is one of legal jargon. What is the problem , it’s simple no one seems to control open reach.
    Bill Highton

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