Trying to cancel BT Phone

Latest complaint received regarding poor BT customer service when trying to cancel a BT phone contract.

Dear Sir

This started on the 1st September at around 12-100pm when I rang the customer service line to enquire how much Bt broadband would cost, I was told the price and when I enquired when our contract was up with BT for the phone I was told 14th September.

This made me then look around and compare Broadband and phone deals to suit our need. I found a package with Virgin, so later that night around 6.30pm I rang back to BT on the cancellations line to cancel the contract for our phone again when I asked when our contract was up I was told the 14th September, so I went ahead with the cancellation (or so i thought) the person I spoke to gave me a cancellation ref number.

So it thought that’s that done so then went on line to order our Virgin package, then on Saturday the 5th September we received a letter for BT something to do with BT friends and family mobile saying that out contract ended on the 2nd December! Very strange since I had been told verbally on 2 occasions that our contract ended on the 14th September?

I then rang the cancellation line yet again (I think this time I got India which I wasn’t too please about) and trying to explain to the man who answered (which was a difficult task) I was told that no cancellation had been done and the ref number I had been given meant nothing. He did promise me that he would get the person who gave me the ref no or her manager to ring me back in the next 24-48 hours. However this never happened, this conversation with India took place on the 5th September at around 4.30pm.

So with no phone back I rang yet again to the cancellation line on Monday 7th September at around 6.30pm, this time a got a gentleman from Newcastle, she said that if he did the cancellation he would have to charge us as we were still in contract (very strange as we have been told more than once that our contract ended on the 14th September).

And he would get one of the complaint team to ring us back in the next 5 days, so here we are 5 days later with no contact what so ever form the complaints team, we have a answer phone at home so even if someone would have tried to ring and there was no one home they could have left us a message, so in despair I have had to email my complaint through because it seems to me that everyone I speak too when I ring in ignores what I have to say. We are having our Virgin package installed on the 26th September so would like this matter with BT sorting out before then.

I expect to hear from you soon.

Steven and Deborah Hague

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  • Andy
    I signd up for bt may 2011 with salesman on phone sounded good brdband -vision – phone 42quid pm .They came on correct day sorted phone,bb stuf came installed ok all workin 2 days later found they changed home phone number were not asked to do it,called them they came sorted it,then bb stopped workin called them they told me it was coz bb was linked to other phone number they would sort it bt vision wouldent work till bb sorted ,ended up with 2 bt accounts bills phoned they said we needed to re start order so ok go for it then had 3 accounts bills for all many phone calls later many hours of stress got all workin one month later.then bb wouldent work properly it was on off ,very weak,bt vision kept puttin up v04error called again several times operators kept telling me they would ring back none did.eventualy i insisted they send an some one outthey did she came fiddled with some bits went away,broadband improved but still weak sometimes.While all this was going on was phoning about bills they told us half price for first 3 months but that didnt happen they told us that we had to upgrade the bb package we were on as we were goin over the tiny limmit on bb option 1 so there was a discount on that so the half price no longer applied so what choice did i have,july tried to pay the 42.10 we had agreed on the actual bills we were seeing on the many accounts we had varied,we managed to pay but july the bill they sent was not the 42.10 pence i think it was 72 got it written down some where phoned tried to pay 3 times explaining bill was wrong they said theyd sort it n ring us back no one did so i paid 42.10 ,this nmonth, august bill theres late payment charges + charge for exeeding bb limits (40 gig)ive paid 42.10 pence im gonna phone them today to try n sort it but i dont hold out any hope and also looking at my bill theres no comp for the time the bb n vision wasnt workin properly .if its not all sorted soon im just gonna stop paying,send them all their equipment back,then i hope they take me to court i would love to have a public platform to tell my bt tale and i can feel safe in the fact that they would end up paying me comp for the massive stress this has all been.This is a short version of the story many details are not here,i would hvae to refer to my clipboard for the rest yes clipboard after the chaos of the first month i began keeping a reccord of everything you never know when you never know it might come in handy in court.
    wow you read it all nice one .

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