Transfer from Virgin Media to BT – Simple? No!

A complaint regarding a Virgin Media customer who had to transfer to BT broadband and telephone and the problems she encountered during this process. This complaint, along with all the BT customer service and products complaints this website receives will go into a report and sent for investigation.

Dear Sirs

I will try to be subjective within this document but to be honest I am hopping mad. My ex husband did not manage to get me as mad as BT has made me over the last 2 months. I used Virgin Media in my old home, they gave me good service for both phone line and broadband and I had no intention to change.

On moving to my new home 7 months ago however I discovered that the area was out of cable and I would need a BT line rental as a minimum. OK, although this was a pain, two bills etc I took my line with BT and had calls and broadband with Virgin.

Having lost a good job I set up a business from home and desperately needed a call divert system when away from the house. I rang BT and ordered it, they were delighted to take my order.
One week later I received a call to say that it was impossible for me to get call divert when they did not handle the calls. Then followed 2 weeks of arguing between BT and Virgin as to whether this was possible. The amount of conflicting information and the level of ‘infighting’ amongst them had to be seen to be believed.

Virgin then told me that they were taking over the lines in the area in 3 weeks so all would be ok. Stupid me believed them and waited the 3 weeks.

Virgin desperately tried to keep the call element but I eventually agreed with them that the phone calls would be transferred to BT and they would retain the broadband. I was reassured that they would contact BT and arrange everything. BT would then contact me to say when this would be done.

Early June I rang BT to check progress to be told they knew nothing of this order and in any case would not take instructions from a competitor. I was reassured by a lovely lady that the order was now placed on the system and although it would be a staggering 11 working days before this would happen all would be fine.

The 23rd June approached and I rang BT’s wonderful automated system that told me the order would be fulfilled as promised on the 23rd.

On the 1st July, the day I starting paying for an answering service to take my calls I rang BT to check all was ok. I was then told that although the calls were now going through them for some reason the call divert had failed. The lady assured me that someone would call me back that day and would tell me that the call divert was now active.

2 days later, today, I rang to be told that they had no idea why but the WHOLE order had not been actioned. My calls remained with Virgin and it would be another 13 days before they could make the change.

Needless to say that at this point I was almost apoplectic. I have never had such staggering, appalling, atrocious service in my life. They don’t deserve to have any business and if I could sack them on the spot now I would. I am now waiting for someone else to call me back.

Some of us are trying to make a living out here and are hugely reliant on our phone systems to ensure we can pay the mortgage. What is their problem? Where is the BT of yesterday that felt like your favorite Auntie?

I would like this complaint to be made formal and will be doing everything in my power to ensure it goes through their complaint system.

Karen James

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