Transfer of account to a Split Billing arrangement via Post Office Ltd

Submitted by Chris in October 2016

I have been running Burwell Farm Post Office for the last three years.

It has a special line that is used for the Post Office data network and also Post Office counter telephone calls.

I am now trying to transfer the contract over to a “Split Billing” arrangement operated by Post Office Ltd in order to reduce phone costs.

BT have so far refused to allow this transfer because my company name “Burwell Gifts Ltd” does not contain the words “Post Office” and so they do not believe this is a Post Office. I would invite anyone that cares to go on Google Street View and take a look at my premises at
Burwell Farm Post Office,
129 Burwell Drive,
OX28 5LP.

or the Royal Mail database which clearly list this address as a Post Office.

It seems that BT are trying to be as awkward as possible to prevent me from being able to move to a more cost effective service. They have offered to set up a new contract with “Post Office” in the name knowing full well that this would tie me to BT for another two years.

I would be grateful if someone could have a look at this absurd case and stop blocking Post Office Ltd from taking over this account so that we can save costs.

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