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Bargain find of the year! Found a cool cashback website where I got £100 cashback from and wanted to share this with all UK consumers (sorry for those outside UK, only available here).

I’m always on the look out for cool bargains and first heard about from a friend when looking for a cheap car insurance quote online. I reseached a little to find the best deal using comparison sites like like you do. I finally decided to open an account in TopCashBack because I found great reviews about the site and you can save loads of money whichof course is cool. The website is easy to use and basically you get cashback for shopping online! I literally got £100 back on a car insurance renewal.

Online Cashback

I now always use this cool website when I’m online shopping or even applying for a current account for example. Just by opening an account through this site I got £50 caashback. The site also has very helpful customer services. Join Top Cashback today and you won’t regret it.

Screenshot of topcashback website

You can use the topcashback website to buy the following :

  • Credit card application
  • Current account application
  • Saving account application
  • Insurance
  • Energy switch
  • Phone switch
  • Broadband switch
  • and so many others.

Since the success of this website, so many cashback websites emerged but I have researched others and topcashback is still the best as it offers the biggest cashback and the most complete retailers. It does not charge you annual fee either (unlike some other cashback sites).

Tips on using website

  • Remember if you go through cashback site do not forget clear your cookies (you can find on tools –> internet options –> delete ) first otherwise you not got your money from them.
  • If use this cashback becareful do not use on the night after 6 pm because this site sometime can not track your transaction.
  • If you have a time just doing clicking everyday for 5 minutes you can get FREE some money from them.
  • Took up to 3 months to get your money from your transaction, after that you can transfer your money on your bank account or paypal even you send a penny.
  • They have promo too, the more you use this site so the more you got cashback from them up to 110%.

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