The service I have contracted for is not being delivered

Submited by Terry, October 2016

Since the 20th of last month I have spent over 30 hours with BTdiscussing the fact that the service I have contracted for is not being delivered!

1 Since the 20th of last month my broadband speed has been fluctuating between 0.12 and 8Meg so it has been impossible to have a facetime, skype or other call, it is taking from 30 seconds to 2 minutes to open a webpage if the service does not crash.

2 I have spent over 30 hours running the same tests over and over again with no understanding that the issues is not with my infrastructure but BT’s.

3 BT have sent me 2 routers to change which did not solve the issue as I am getting the sych speed to the router but not the throughput speed.

4 BT  have sent an engineer out that has confirmed my infrastructure has no issues and the synch speed on the line  is running correctly BUT the throughput speed is fluctuating at very low levels.

5 I have been told another engineer will now look at the exchange but still have not been informed when this will happen.

6 This afternoon I called BT complaints department and after 27 minutes got through and asked for this to be escalated which they informed me they cannot do and the issue has to go back to technical !!!!!!

7 After a further 20 minutes with technical  reviewing the same items – I have insisted on an escalation and am being advised that I will be called tomorrow PM

If I was invoicing BT for my time in relation to resolving this issue it would get me 10 years free broadband and as yet NO ONE has taken responsibility for the issue or getting it resolved. I have been with BT for many years and would consider myself a loyal customer but my patience is being definitely tested by the lack of customer service that BT displays.

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  • This is so similar to our problem I thought my husband had written this! Had no problems with Sky router but problems began the day the BT router was plugged in…2 months ago! Still got problems, BT are reluctant to escalate and won’t cancel the contract because they say they only guarantee a wired service! This of course is despite the fact they advertise ‘the most powerful wi fi’ with the new Smart Hub that we have which was one of our reasons for switching.

    • I took a tip from this website and sent an email to the CEO at BT which was in line with the message I posted here and within 2 hours received an email and then a call from the “Executive Level Complaints team”

      Although a week has gone by and the service has not improved they have organised an engineer to come to site as well as phoning me to offer assistance and assurance of a solution

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