Terrible Terrible customer service

Submitted by Ryan in October 2016

First of all I’m not or have ever been a BT customer but after my experience have no intention of ever being one.

I’ve lived at my current address for about 2 years and 3 months. After a few months of moving in started getting letters from BT addressed to someone else. Kept on RTS in Durham but the letters kept coming. Called BT and advisor apologised and said it wouldn’t happen again.

However letters kept on coming, so i contacted BT on live chat and again, the advisor apologised. This time the advisor tried to call who ever the account holder was and told me unless the account holder gives them change of address, not much they can do. But the letters continue on a monthly basis to arrive at my address. So almost 2 years of letters which to me feels like a nuisance and harassment but what can i do?

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