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Submitted by Richard in November 2016

I have had service issues with my BT Broadband for months and months. I have repeated had to report dropping out and slow speed to BT and find the published fault number impossible to get through to regardless of the time of day, often being on hold for over an hour.

BT have sent out numerous engineers, all reporting different explanations of the fault but not solving the problem. I even got persuaded to upgrade to the highest price broadband tariff, as the ‘HUB6’ would solve my problems. Well it didn’t.

Recently, BT reported that they had ‘found a fault at the exchange’ which seams to have made a difference, as although the speed is much lees than the level of tariff we are on, at least its not dropping off as much as it was. During all this time the BT fault people kept telling me wait until its gets sorted and there would be some compensation. One day, my partner that works nights, waiting in for an engineer and gave up and went to bed at 2pm. When I checked why the engineer had not attended, I was told that they found an issue at the exchange so he was not needed, buy they never thought to tell us.

So finally yesterday, in the hope that it will stay stable, I was offered to sum if £5 compensation. How ridiculous and insulting. I’m tempted to just cancel my direct debit and fight it out legally, but would obviously much prefer someone in BT to look at this and recognise that a far more appropriate compensation should be offered.

This is outrageous. And how BT gets aware with such an impossible option to call the faults team and get help is unbelievable. No one can be on hold for an hour at a time.

I challenge anyone to try and call them. I rarely complain but this is unacceptable service.

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  • I wish to complain regarding the service I have received.
    I booked and paid for an engineer, for the installation of my upgrade to infinity.
    On that visit he connected my service to infinity. That was the 6/02/2017.
    Since he connected infinity I have had nothing but trouble with my broadband connection.
    I complained on approximately 5 occasions.
    In the end I demanded an engineer to visit.
    This was arranged and the visit was I believe on the 20/02/2017.
    The engineer on this visit resolved the problem.
    On checking the first engineers work he found that the connection was not made to the main feed to my property but to an extension socket.
    This was rectified by the second engineer.
    The service now into my property is correct and there is no problem with the infinity.
    As this was clearly a fault caused by the first engineer I wish my service to start from the date it was corrected.
    Either that or you reimburse me the cost of the first engineers visit.
    Your customer service offered me £5 which I find quite insulting.

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