Telephone detached from telephone pole

Dear BT complaint, I wish to lodge a formal complaint with regards to the appalling service I have received from BT and still the issue hasn’t been resolved. My father’s telephone line became detached from the telephone pole around the 3rd of December. It was reported by myself at that time, BT being made aware that my father was elderly and with a heart condition. We then experienced a very heavy snow fall, so I was very patient with regards to engineers ability to attend.

On the 8th December an engineer called and advised my father that the trees at the bottom of the garden, on the side of the motorway required to be trimmed in order for the line to be reconnected. The engineer then went to The One Stop shop in Denny to report same.

When we still had no feed back from either BT or Falkirk council with regards to same by Wednesday 15th December, I contacted Falkirk Council Grounds Maintainance Dept and spoke with a Mr Kevin Bennet. He advised  me that he had spoken to an engineer from BT on Monday 13th December and advised the engineer that BT could cut away any branches necessary to enable them to reconnect the cable. The trees are going to be trimmed back by the council, but in the meantime the engineer assured Mr Bennet that it wouldn’t be a problem.

I contacted the Open Reach number I had been given on the 15th December and quoted the reference number ES3WKY77, went through the whole story again to someone who really could not have cared less, who then transferred me to the department which deals with line faults!! Correct me if I am wrong but as far as I’m concerned that had already been established.

I was then back to stage one, having to go through the story yet again ,after having been held in a queue for twenty minutes. The woman I spoke to was fabulous and did everything in her power to help me but unfortunately that’s where it ended . She spoke directly to someone from Open Reach, while I was on the line, then advised me that she was transferring me back and I would receive an update on where we were with resolving the problem.

The person I spoke to was unable to give me an update as promised, then gave me ANOTHER job reference number ES3WTL41. Bearing in mind, by this time I had been on the telephone to BT for forty minutes, and being shunted around from pillar to post, I was extremely frustrated. I was then advised an engineer would contact me on my cell phone to advise me what was happening, and if I had any further problems, to contact Open Reach, quote the reference number, and someone would be able to help me. I tried that in the first instance and got nowhere.

I did receive a call, very quickly, from an engineer who advised me that someone would go to my fathers house and see what could be done. I did explain the situation with the trees, and was then advised that it wasn’t the engineers job to trim anything around the pole to enable them reconnect the cable. Again I contacted Mr Bennet who told me he had had a very different conversation.

An engineer attended at around 3pm on the 15th of December, looked at the cable then left.
I arrived at my fathers today after work to discover he still has no phone. I contacted Open Reach, quoted the reference number only to be told that there wasn’t an update and to contact the line faults department. The person I spoke to was totally unhelpful, didn’t want to listen and basically told me there was nothing he could do. I then contacted the line faults department and  went through the whole scenario again. I was then advised that the line was faulty!! . I asked to speak with the supervisor on duty, and was advised by her that she would contact an engineer and deal with it. I did request an engineer to call me back, but I’m still waiting at this time.

Throughout all of this time everyone I have spoken to at BT has agreed that the service my father has received is totally unacceptable, but no one has done anything to help. I am appalled at the lack of communication. This should have taken one simple phone call from me on my fathers behalf, but has taken numerous calls, a lot of time and money, with so far, no results. I cannot believe the events which have taken place. I have become extremely angry and frustrated with the whole scenario.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that my father is elderly, and with a heart condition. He does have a mobile but can only receive a decent signal at the opposite end of the sitting room, therefore has to rise from his chair to make a call if he becomes unwell. He has now been without a land line, which he is paying rental for, for 14 days now.  I consider frail and elderly customers to be a priority but it is obvious that BT have other ideas. BT has failed to respond to someone in a high risk category, and I personally find this totally unacceptable.

I await your immediate response on this matter, and your assistance to resolve it.

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