Telephone BT Complaint – Can’t make calls

Another complaint sent in to us today regarding poor telephone services from BT.

Dear BT Complaint Website

I have been a BT customer for the past 25 years and since Janaury 2010 i’ve been experiencing serious problems with my phone at home.

I cannot make any calls but I am receiving calls. I called BT several times regarding that issue but they have told me that the phone line is fine and that the problem is with my handset.

Following their advice I purchased a new handset but the problem was not solved. Now I find myself with two handsets working perfectly well with a faulty line of BT which they cannot repair.

What I fail to understand is that how BT cannot detect a fault on my line and advice me to buy a new handset. I consider it to be a case of gross incompetency from the staffs of BT who have handled my numerous complaints.

I am not an expert in telecommunications and when BT, my service provider, can’t help a long standing customer like me to solve my problems, I don’t see any reason why i should not sign up with another company.

It is my final complaint to you and if this time my phone line is not repaired, it is without any regrets that I will switch to another service provider.

Best Regards,
Jankee Bhoyrul

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