Switching houses

Submitted by Matthew in November 2016

On 21 September 2016 I moved out of my house, where I had lived for 10 years and had a BT account. My wife took on the line the next day, and hoped to keep the same number. I cancelled the direct debit, thinking we were done. I then got a phone bill for £30.90.

To pay this I used the automated service. When it asked for my phone number I put in my old telephone number. It took £30.90 from my account the next day. A month later I got another bill and this time I rang up BT.

They said I had to pay the amount again using my ID number, then apply to my bank for a refund. I asked for a reference number, but they would not give me one. I then rang my bank. They said this was not possible. I re-rang BT. I was put through to someone who told me BT had done nothing wrong, it was now a matter between me and my wife.

They also advised me to contact my bank and arrange a refund! None of the people I spoke to, two English, two not, were helpful; in fact I would say they positively went out of their way to be unhelpful.

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