Switched Telephone and Broadband Provider – Not Good!

An angry customer who switched telephone and broadband provider to join BT complains about pretty much everything! Not a good case study for anyone thinking about switching to BT services.  

Dear BT

I‘m writing to tell you the tale of woe that your company has brought upon myself and my partner. I will quickly go through the whole experience has it happened:

Had a phone call from a BT sales adviser in October 2010, he asked me what I was currently paying my Sky and Virgin packages and worked it out that BT would be cheaper and my phone bill would work out a lot cheaper. I explained that I currently pay between £25 to £35 on my monthly phone bill for Virgin which includes the broadband.

He convinced me to buy the whole BT package, BT Vision, Internet, Phone and WiFi, even said we didn’t have to do anything because BT would take care of everything. Sounded like a good deal? He said it would take a couple of days to reconnect us at a minimum cost, I mentioned at the time that we had already got all the BT connection already around the house. Then it would take a few weeks to get the TV and Internet sorted and that BT would contact us. Again I asked if we needed to do anything and the answer was no BT would take care of cancelling all the other contacts.

BT customer services did get in touch with us within a couple of days and Tracey my partner arranged for them to come and do the reconnection. When he came it took him 5 minuets to do the reconnecting if that.
We then were still waiting for someone to ring about the TV and Internet, then the first bill came £127 reconnection fee and 3 months upfront payment on the unlimited anytime plan at £55.80. (nobody ever mentioned this and £127 for 5 minutes work, ridiculous!!)

I then made contact with your call centre abroad somewhere, and got nowhere trying to explain what had happened to a Asian guy on the phone who in the end advised me to write a letter of complaint. That was in December.

Throughout Christmas and the New Year and January still no word or call from BT regarding TV and internet.
Get another bill from BT for £56.02. Worked out the monthly average at £44.8, which is way over the costs we had which Virgin which included the broadband.

Ear ache from my partner eventually made me ring your phone call centre again this week, explained in detail the whole story, at one point I thought the guy from the call centre had nodded off because of the long pause, but he said he couldn’t do anything and would ask his supervisor to ring back within the hour ( I rung at 5-15pm ). I waited until 10-45pm last night before giving up and going to bed.

Lastly and not least, we were promised that BT would contact Virgin and sort out the phone, WELL YOU DIDN’T and we have still the standing order going off our bank account.

Can someone please give me an explanation on what’s going on, I feel sick on going back to BT, this has already cost me over £150 extra in payments than just keeping everything as it was. Your call centre is inefficient and the people don’t know how to deal with conflict, and you have salesman that tell customers a pack of lie’s!

Yours Sincerely, A very disgruntled customer

Andy Hallas

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