Frustrated with BT and want to switch provider?

At our wits end with BT, engineers not turning up, wasted hours on the phone, terrible service and no one ever got back to us. So we started this BT complaints website, somewhere people like us could vent their frustration and share their BT story, and we have since had hundreds of people share their complaint with us.

We switched from BT to SKY and we have never looked back. View latest SKY offers here

Why SKY?

After a fair bit of research, we switched from BT to SKY and were immediately impressed. The first change we noticed was customer service, we got to speak to someone in the UK without hours on the phone, and they kept calling us back until they got the problem solved – how refreshing! To this day Sky ranks Number 1 on our list closely following by Virgin Media. Don’t just take our word for it; it’s also the view of several other review sites as well as Ofcom’s official surveys. Not only do they offer line rental and broadband, but if you want it, they also offer a range of other services including TV.


  • Really great customer service
  • Fast internet
  • ‘Truly’ Unlimited Usage
  • Competitively priced
  • Our NUMBER 1 recommendation if you’re thinking about leaving BT


Customer Reviews


Number 1

Customer care 91%

In 2016 Q2, nearly 300 people a day complained to Ofcom about BT – significantly more than other providers and the industry average.

To put this in perspective, OfCom keep a record of complaints, out of every 100,000 29 were about BT. By comparison, only 5 were about SKY