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This is an update on British Telecom Complaints in February 2008. Thanks very much for sending all your BT complaints in. The complaint submission page has received 5420 total views so far in 7 months.

In February alone there has been 1404 BT Complaint visitors so feel rest assured you are not alone in your plight!

It seems that BT Customer Service is getting worse rather than improving.

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Below are just a few of the BT Complaints received so far. All of these complaints will be produced into a report format and sent to the necessary organisations to investigate and also to BT Customer Services.

Follow this link if you wish to send a BT complaint

BT Complaint example 1:
Just wanted to say well done for being pro active. My only complaint about BT are the charges for of £4 50 for those who choose to pay manually and the working days & notice given to pay it! I sent them an email to ask when the next bill would be coming over 2008 to avoid going on holiday!! as then they slap on additional charges for late payment. But then thats been well covered in the Guardian moneys and Ofcom simply aren’t interested in the plight of customers. Janice Stanway

BT Complaint example 2:
I have not been able to get anyone at BT who can sort out my billing enquries. I have been charge £456 for line rental and no amount of phone calls has been able to resolve my issues. I have now cancelled my standing order and have informed them that I am willing to pay what I owe but not until this matter has been resolved I have contacted BBC watchdog and raised this with them so i need help as this matter is causing me a lot of stress and this has been going on since last October, BT are the pits as far as I am concerned.

View a full list of BT Complaints

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