Small New Business – A BT Nightmare

This BT complaint was sent in today by a small business who experienced a nightmare with BT when setting up website and phone services.

Dear Sir

Whilst trying to complain to BT is someother way that being on hold for over an hour, your BT Complaints blog popped up.

We are a small new business and seem to have an endless nightmare with BT.

Firstly with the Website we have spent almost a day when you add the hours up, on the phone to different people, as our website designer had endless problems, all due to the information they originally gave us being wrong, and for charging us for things that had been sold as free.

Then we had an enormous phone bill and discovered that they had completely mis sold our package in the first place one example being “Free Call Divert” (when we first spoke to them they hadn’t actually added this detail, and tried to charge us for it) but had failed to mention that any incoming calls through the divert would then be charged to us, so we actually paid for most of the cold calls we had asking us if we had problems paying the mortgage. When we asked what the rate for these calls were we were told “they are cheap”. Great. But not free.

We were also charged £40 for a renumber, which was a renumber due to the fact they gave us one number, entered it in the computer wrong, and then we had numerous calls back and forth until they gave us the right one again. They have graciously accepted that they will credit our bill next time.

Another item was the payment processing fee of £9. When asked what it was we were told “i dont know. Its policy” and when asked if we could avoid it, by DD for example we were told “No, everyone pays”.

The original phone call about this bill ended when I lost the will to live after the lady, Trina, flatly refused to accept that these items exsited. She kept saying “where?” and she kept replying “No Mam, it doesn’t say”. The phone call where we actually got a little bit resolved was with another with broken English who seemed to have no concept of our money – unless we really do pay 45p per second.

We then turned to the internet to try and complain and after lodging three complaints, with acknowledgements, no hint of an actual reply.

We are pulling our hair out. We only went to BT because we thought they would be best, and would be people we could trust.

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