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This is a copy of a small business BT complaint sent to a BT Local Business office;
Rick Raman passed this on to “complaints” and I spoke to a girl named Fiona who basically told me there was nothing to be done and did I still want her to escalate the complaint? I told her “Damn right, I do!”.

We have no way of knowing whether any of the lines are damaged in any way, as we have no electricity on the site but they are taking the view that they are still providing the service even if we can’t actually use it………this is mind-numbingly stupid. The offices are intact but I do wonder whether they would still want to charge line rental etc if the office was a burned out shell!!!

Bearing in mind that British Gas Business have suspended the electricity account until we are up and running again and that we are not being charged Business Rates or Rent, it wouldn’t hurt BT to follow suit.

I really resent paying for a broadband Option 3 and PC backup that I can’t use. I also resent paying for the two fax lines that I can’t use and paying full whack for the two lines that are having their calls diverted as we cannot MAKE calls on these lines.

Since this email and the subsequent phone call from BT on 3rd September 2009, I have heard nothing from BT. So I have no idea whether this issue has been “escalated” or not.

I do not know whether our insurers will cover the cost of these BT services that I can’t use, but that really isn’t the point! BT are taking my company’s money for a service that I cannot use; I take the point that it may or may not still be available for me to use (although I can’t prove whether the services are working or not as we have no electricity supply for me to power the computer, broadband router or fax machines). However, it wouldn’t hurt BT to err on the side of generosity (we aren’t talking a huge amount of money here) and stop taking the payments until the factory and offices are habitable and working again.

So, it isn’t just domestic customers that BT screw with………….we small businesses get it too!

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