Slow BT Broadband Speed – Help!!!!

This BT complaint was sent in regarding slow broadband speed – this customer is not happy paying for a service that does not deliver, and rightly so! Many complaints similar to this have been sent in to do with slow Internet speeds. All complaints will be included in the report that will be sent for investigation. Email your complaint if you have a similar story or post a comment below.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to complain about the standard of service that I am receiving from you – I would like to add two things before I go any further;

1. that I have used BT for some 15 years for internet and phone packages and
2. that I am computer literate.

At the moment I am on your 8 meg a month package with a 10 gig download allowance. When I checked on your website it told me that my house can receive 3.5 meg speeds maximum. Leaving aside that I am therefore, like many, paying for speeds I cannot get I am also only getting about 0.9 meg (out of the 3.5) of speed at any time (

This is 70% less than I should be getting (according to your speed checker) and 88% less than what I am paying for. You assure me that a technician can increase what I am receiving by 0.5 meg – for £88! which is nearly doubling my yearly contract cost!

I am also unsure why I have to pay you to bring the speed nearer to what the contract says I can have – this is surely a double charge? To summarise, to obtain Broadband from you I had to pay a £120 set up cost and subsequently an £88 fee to increase my speed to a level still no where near the top end that I am paying for and this is before I even pay the monthly costs for a service I am not receiving fully.

Cleverly, though, there are terms in the contract which means I cannot do anything about this and so you are saved from another ripped off, loyal customer. So therefore I cannot complain about this point. I can, however, complain about another point.

I use Google Chrome and there is a feature on it which tells me my 9 top internet sites/pages visited. At the time of writing, the “BT Home Hub – Can’t Connect” page that automatically pops up when I can’t connect is my top visited page. At least every hour the router just stops working and takes a good couple of minutes to sort itself out.

Therefore I am not only paying for speeds I cannot get, but for internet that periodically shuts down and therefore cannot be used. I cannot explain to you how annoying this is especially when it comes to reloading pages. For example, I have lost a lot of online employment applications that take hours to complete each. I have done all the things your help page etc advises me to do and yet the problem has not been solved. May I please reiterate that I know enough about computers (and have done enough research) to know that this is through no fault of my own.

There is only 1 possible reason I can think for this happening – I am maxing my monthly download limit. If this is the case then why not send me something telling me that I am doing so rather than turning my internet off every hour?

I would suggest that you offer trial periods to customers so that before people enter a 1 year or a 2 year contract they can test the service works for them. I would also propose that you let customers leave BT at any time (for free) if there is a technical reason to do so that could not be found out before the contract is signed. In connection with this I advise that you make all information clear before a contract is signed, ie by checking your speedtester in my case.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding these issues. I hope that you can at least resolve the issues I am having for other potential customers in the future,

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Witton

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  • I have a maximum broadband speed of 690Kbs on this line (according to BT) I can't get it above 544.

    Until about 2 months ago I was getting 1.4Mbs broadband but I've been downgraded.

    It turns out the green box at the end of the road has two lines into it. An 8bit and a 16bit. I was on the 16bit (several of my neighbours still are) but I've been moved without being asked onto the 8bit line with less than half the speed!!!!!!!!!! How can they be allowed to do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm so angry!

  • I'm experiencing the same thing. Exactly the same thing. I rang up multiple times when the last time the woman slipped up and said I had been capped for "using your line too much" Can you beleive that? I'm being capped because I use my internet. Larf!

    She also told me nobody gets Unlimited access, however I checked after and my bill states Broadband Option 3. The website states this package is an Unlimited broadband package.

    They advertise 20mbps
    My area can receive 8mbps
    I receive 1 to 2.5 mbps

    BT rely on the fact your speed is never garunteed far too much.
    Switching to Virgin as soon as my contracts up, you should do the same.

  • I have had a heart attack and I'm sure BT contributed to it. I'm moving broadband providers and I don't care about the charge. This service is pathetic.

  • Hi all, Ive been with bt 10 years on the bt broadband front, 512k
    to 1 meg line 1.5 meg back then it was a realy good service!
    Hey was actually getting what i was paying for and bit more.

    Now bt are promising more than they can deliver with this upto 8 meg.
    I only get 4.1 meg or around that mark, with good download stream and is ok.

    But now november 2010 the line has been realy shxt! download speed of 35k or less off peak time.

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