Slow BT Broadband in Thames Valley

An unhappy BT customer has sent in this complaint about poor broadband speed in the Thames valley area.


Despite living in the heart of the Thames valley, I have for many years endured a slow broadband connection due the length of my line to the Exchange. Following the TV advertising for the new faster Infinity service I checked the web site and was pleasantly surprised to find that my exchange (Crowthorne) was due to be enabled on 30th September.

That date duly came and went until towards the end of October the web site stated that the exchange had indeed been upgraded. However, the online Infinity ‘checker’ still indicated I couldn’t get the service. Of course the Infinity web site provides a number of generic reasons why this might be the case but no mechanism for finding out the exact details.

On subverting another contact route I did actually get a call from a BT representative who stated that my existing broadband speed needed to be about 14mb before Infinity would work. 14mb, if only! I’d never seen this mentioned as a pre-requisite and it’s certainly not on the web site – I assume it has more to do with the line distance to the exchange. I contacted my ISP (Plusnet) who were more informative saying that not only did the exchange have to be upgraded but the cabinet as well and that there were no current plans to upgrade the cabinet to which I am connected. If the BT contact was correct then it sounds like cabinets near to the Exchange are the first to be done and those lying further out can get excluded.

It seems entirely pointless to publish a programme of exchange upgrades without including the cabinet upgrade plans as well. I now have no idea when or indeed if I and the other residents in my road will ever be able to receive the Infinity service. Cabinets near to the exchanges will already be supporting higher speeds and under this regime will provide even faster service, while those of us with long standing poor connections can’t receive an improvement!

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  • Yea my bt broadband has been really slow since 29th Oct 2010 now its the 3rd Nov and at times ive had no internet at all, i cant even watch videos on youtube, let alone it takes about 10 seconds to open Internet Explorer,i know my line fine as ive tested it theres some major problem as BT told me in the Edinburgh area thats causing the problem, but 5 days of no internet on and off with a max speed of 70kb and a higher upload speed of 88kb its a joke lol its not good when you rely on it for your business i live in the Aberdeenshire area.

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