Shambles of a service from BT

Submitted by Gill in November 2016

I cancelled my contract with bt 3 months ago they said I would get a final bill and that would be that. I then got a further bill from them so called to query it. I was told BT would look into it and contact me in 10 working days. This timeframe came and went I heard nothing so I gave them an extra weeks grace just Incase then I called BT and queried it again. Once again I was told they were looking into it and will be in contact. I heard nothing and despite trying to call them I got no responses or call backs!

I then recieved a further bill where they have added charges because I hadn’t paid! Once again I called them and finally managed to speak to someone, she advised she would revoke the extra charges and we will get a resolution in 10 working days.

Sound familiar doesn’t it?! Needless to say I got no calls no emails no post so I tried to call email and write to complain and query several times and had no response.

The other day I spoke to someone online chat and was promised a call back by senior management in 24 hours once again I heard nothing so just called them from my mobile nonetheless and used the call back service.

I didn’t get a call back – what a surprise! So I called again and spoke to an extremely rude young man who sounded as if he would rather be anywhere than there, didn’t listen to or understand a word I said, and kept having other conversations with his team mates whilst on the phone to me! When I requested to speak to a manager about my existing complaint he placed me on hold for an eternity and when he finally came back he said he had spoken to a manager who advised there were no managers around….. – how does that even make sense!!

He agreed it had been 3 months since my original communication and advised he would get a call back. Naturally I am skeptical about this promise now due to past broken promises and when I said I wanted to speak to the investigating people now and voiced my worries about further charges and potentially final action when none of it was my fault and so I wanted them to provide some sort of confirmation that wouldn’t happen this joke of a customer service agent hung up on me!!!!

I work in customer services myself as a manager and this level of service would never be acceptable in any way shape or form!
I am completely disgusted by BT and their service I wish I had never signed up to them worst mistake of my life.

Everyone I know and don’t don’t is being advised to avoid BT like the plague!!!

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