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We often receive complaints about broadband speeds and this latest BT complaint about rural area broadband speed is yet another to add to the long list.

Dear BT Complaints

I have only had broadband since October 2010 and even before I signed up, I have always had a bad telephone service due to 26 spans of cable across open hillside from the local exchange, but what they did not tell us (and I found out recently), is that we are basically sharing the same pair of wires with our  neighbours; so a shared service then?  I can recall that you had reduced rental if you shared a line.

The only time I have had any proper response from BT is when I withdraw payments, and cancel direct debits, then I get contacted by someone in this country. 

Again I have cause for complaint:  since the beginning of this year the speed has become intolerable, 100-200kbps!!  Yes, that’s right, it’s as bad as dial up!  But, unfortunately we have no choices in that no other company has equipment in the local exchange, and so no cheap broadband deals are available, as we are still required to pay £13 to BT.  I have been going round in circles with the call centres, I cannot reach anyone in the corporation who makes any sense, or any decisions, I have today been told the line cannot support any better speeds than 500kbps and they want to “cap it” to make it “stable”.  Excuse me, but, previously I have had 1.3Mbps, and have been told that I should demand that speed again, but from whom?  They also told me that the line was unable to support anything more than that – then why don’t they get the line fixed?  Answer because of the few of us up the lane (and there are only 4 properties) none of whom are businesses, then as far as BT are concerned we can go get stuffed!  That is no way to treat loyal customers! 

Engineers, (bless them) came to sort it out last week, and told me that basically unless the cable “met with an accident” it will never get replaced.  It has been no better since the engineers came, and I have gone back on the merry-go-round with the call centres yet again.  I have tried unsuccessfully, to get information addresses, telephone numbers of senior staff, or executives, to no avail.  I then decided if they are capping my service then that is not the contract.  I contacted billing to re-negotiate the contract (by the way contracts are not LAWFUL unless both parties consent, know what they are consenting to and have both SIGNED).  These so-called contracts they tell us we entered into on the phone or by email, are not binding and not lawful.   

However, the nice man in billing went away but returned fruitless.  Every which way I am stumped, frustrated and getting more angry. I  explain over and again that it’s not my wiring, nor my equipment, no I will not take the cover off the box anymore, and the engineers have said the problem is the undersized conductors, but of course BT wants our money but won’t spend any to improve our lot in the rural areas.  I would complain to the regulators, but I guess they are toothless and probably in the BT pocket like so many of these watch dogs.   Any ideas?  Many thanks.

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  • I have had similar experience fro m bt, in my case our village is 6km from the exchange and that is the reason my b/band speed is 0.5mbps.However this a pack of lies because my next door neighbor gets 2.5 mbps .Basically BT just don't want to put any effort into fault diagnosis let alone upgrade rural wiring.My village is Sarratt in herts.

  • Oh, how I sympathise. I have had a relatively slow speed for the last eight years 0.6 to 0.9MbS. I live four miles from Exeter city centre, so you would think it would be a little faster. I have tried desperately to get an engineer to call, and get fobbed off with on line question and answer sessions, today, I logged .99Mbs and on talking to someone, again, going through the whole procedure for the second time today, I am told I am now up to 1.4Mbs. What happened to the 20Mbs that I am paying for?
    I have been a BT customer for over 40 years, but at this rate not for much longer. Two hours on the computer and telephone to achieve the square root of nothing.
    Come on BT,if I say I want an engineer to call, quite happy to pay if it is a problem with my equipment, guess what, I want an engineer, not some distant problem solving geek on the other end of a computer or telephone. If nothing can be done on site, then I will accept it.

  • I have had enough of BT,s appalling service, sick to death of being ripped off, paying for a service they DO NOT provide, we are being conned, amazing when you think of the outrageous money paid to take over EE. bThree months waiting for cables, phone calls from India, testing the speed, running up and down the stairs, told they would guarantee an improvement, average Broadband speed 0.75 or less. Shame on you BT, total rip off merchants, appalling way to treat customers that pay their wages! Watch Dog, Twitter, any media I can use to show them up I will, maybe then they may take notice, they cannot seem to provide a service because they are too busy making money and will not lay new cables, we are still on copper, even the local exchanges have not been updated, 22 phone calls, wasted time, temper frayed. Had ENOUGH.

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