Ridiculous charge to pay to leave your very poor service

Submitted by Kevin in October 2016

I have just called BT to cancel my contract.  I moved home in August and it seems BT put me on another 12 month contract without notifying me. I am getting pathetic broadband speeds of 1 – 1.3mpbs and have therefore decided to move to mi-fi and 4G with a mobile supplier. BT have told me they will charge me £250 to cancel my contract now.

I do not believe with the broadband speed I am getting that BT have fulfilled their part of the contract to supply a useable process.
I would like to complain about the ridiculous charge you expect me to pay to leave your very poor service.

Please reduce the contract levy to zero.

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  1. After following the complaints process BT have now cancelled my contract free of charge. They had no proof that they had told me about extending the contract following my house move. I never received mail or email regarding a new contract as all discussions were on phone.
    Anyone in similar position I would recommend you keep at their customer service team through the free chat process. I eventually got escalation and had a very nice manager tell me there was no cancellation charge.

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