Reciving unwarented bills

Submitted by David in November 2016

I recently had to cancel my account with BT, due to them not being able to provide the services at my new address. I had spent several hours on the phone trying to resolve the problem, I have now spent several more hours trying to confirm that my account has been cancelled and no more charges will be made.

Since I have had 3 telephone confirmations and a txt to confirm that my account has been cancelled, and there will be no more charges or final bills. To my surprise I have received another bill which is a final reminder bill. I feel this is becoming harassment and is causing me unnecessary stress and creating defaults on my credit score, which I am trying to rebuild so I can get a mortgage.

I am a little disheartened to say the least, that all those hours of my life spent on the phone has been for nothing, and I am now spending more of my life writing this letter.

Please can someone confirm that my account has been fully cancelled and I will not receive anymore bills, and how BT would like to compensate me regarding the issues I had to go through over these last few months.

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