Problems with BT Vision

This is a BT customer complaint about problems with BT Vision and errors appearing on screen. 

Dear sir/madam

I’ve been with bt for more than a year now, and have a telephone, broadband, and TV package, which i pay on average £50 p/month. I have no complaints regarding my telephone, my broadband is ok as well although it could be a bit quicker.

However my BT vision is a pain in the posterior, every time i want to watch something i get “ERROR V SOMETHING”.

I have phoned the number on screen (0800 1114567) many times now, and although the Indian telephone operatives are polite and helpful. You cant help but feel that they don’t care once the phone has gone down, this is probably because they don’t live in the UK and do not subscribe to any of the BT packages.

How can they have any empathy with us poor UK citizens who have to suffer super slow internet speeds and a product (BT Vision) that does not work half of the time.

Tonight (15/07/11) the same happened again, not much on normal TV channels so decided to watch a movie on demand and you can guess what happened? (ERROR V WHATEVER). I reset my broadband and then rest my BT vision box, still (ERROR?). Phoned the normal number to India, again very helpful, after running some tests on my line the gentleman phoned me back just as he said he would. He explained that everything is OK now, i explained to him that i am told that every time and should he check my calls to themselves (BT) they would understand that this is a reoccurring problem.

I suggested that he arranges for an engineer to visit and sort the problem once and for all. Instead of making the arrangements, he said he would call me tomorrow to see if the problem was still existing before arranging a visit from an engineer. The last time i called and suggested sending an engineer i was given a new upgraded router rather than an engineer? This is not good enough!

So please, please Mr/Mrs BT can you please send an engineer too sort out this problem, as it has been going on far to long now.

Yours Sincerely.

Mr. Allan Hegarty.

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  1. I use Virgin , but today I phoned 118 118 to get a number ? I proveded the name of the company and the addresss ,,, the operator gave me an option of connecting me , and it would cost me 24p per minute to be connected ,, he then connected me to a fax line ,,,, how do I get this cost back ,,,, incompetance from hiring cheap labour from other countries ,,, no wonder people are leaving this company ,,, oh by the way ,,, why are you called British ,,, when your employing cheap labour from other countries ,,,, please drop the British ,, because some of us are proud to be British !!!!!!!

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