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Submitted by Annette in November 2016

We are having enormous difficulties with BT and see that their Customer Service is so poor that a website such as this has sprung up.

We terminated our Landline/broadband/Tv contract with BT on 13th September as we were moving. The service ended on 13th October. During this period I contacted BT twice about keeping our BT email address. My husband uses it for business and it is vital he keeps it. Both times I phoned I waited for 45 minutes to speak to someone.

I was told on both occasions that we couldn’t set up the BT Premium Email service until AFTER our contract had ended (i.e., after 13th October). We argued and pleaded to be allowed to set it up before that but told it wasn’t possible. We had 6 weeks after 13th October in which to set it up and if we phoned BT Preimium Email team during that period, it would be set up. We even spoke to the supervisor who confirmed this was the case.

I phoned them today (18 days after the service finished) and was told that we had left it too late and that it was going to be impossible to set up an email account. I was so angry. I insisted that it was sorted today and I wouldn’t get off the phone until it was resolved. Eventually I agreed to waiting for the supervisor to phone me back but of course no-one has done so.

I am absolutely bewildered, frustrated and furious about this. I cannot seem to be able to resolve it. Can anyone help us or advise?
My next step is to make an official complaint to BT.

But what will happen to our BT email service?

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  • please take this seriously as the removal of the checkbox to stay logged in is NOT ON. you guys at yahoo have f**ked up big time , sorry i am not even willing to reason with you about this, it takes to much time for me to have to re-logging, i will give you guys just 24hrs to reinstall the checkbox to stay logged in or im off elsewhere, not to mention the loss of my email address i have had for god knows how many years, legal action may come come way. sorry

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