Very poor wifi signal (not able to see or work with smart tv, ipads, phone using wifi)

Submitted by BIJU in October

I am a new BT custmer, connected to BT from October 14th 2016. I am getting emails to activate my ID.

I haven’t got any account number or not been registered yet. And whenever I am trying using my security question I am not able to login. (Actually we had BT befre and email id i used was same at that time and the connection was in my wifes name. Now it is in my name–Biju Poulose. I am still using that email id)

Whether I need to wait for the account number to come to register first and and then to log in.

Ma another important and main issue is that i am not able to use the smart tv, ipad, phones because of the really poor wifi signal.

It is been seven days now and still the wifi signal is really poor.poor means i am not able to use the smart tv at all. My daughter who needs wifi very much to study her things using i pads finding it really hard.

I been advised that it will take 10 days to get the wifi stability. But till now i cant see any such improvement.

I had BT two years back. At that time i had no such issue with bt wifi. Now i dont know why it is happening.

I never expected such a problem with bt wifi as I know BT is a world famous reliable network. So I humbly request you to consider my grievances and do the needful to rectify the same.

Thanking you …Biju Poulose.

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  • Dear BT,

    Do you actually take customer service and complaints seriously? I have an ongoing issue with poor wifi ( in fact it’s been about 2 years! …it was fine before) and although I was sold Infinity as way to get super fast internet, nothing has changed!!!! Made several complaints and no change.
    I am beyond frustration as it is severely impacting on my life..I work freelance and depend on home wifi to work. I’m now pushed out of my home to work from cafes and where I can get free wifi.
    Every time I call the phone helpline I get the same response …” we are very busy at the moment”…if you indeed are very busy all the time, then improve your service by adequately resourcing your helpline. Surely BT is making enough money out of people like me who aren’t getting the service they are paying for?

    Please take complaints seriously and provide the service we are paying for!
    Thank you.

  • Just attempting to remove my self from a BT contract entered into in October
    Customer services are following screen prompts
    One more informed person at BT told me there is a problem with the smart hub and wireless – it will show you (colour blue) as fully working devices can connect but no internet

    Good luck

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