Poor customer service, not investigating my issue

Submitted by Mark in October 2016

I had been a customer with BT for over 3yrs and had BT Infinity.

After moving house I reallised that I was not getting much over 8-9mb and the hub was playing.

After contacting them twice and being fobbed off I ended up having to buy a hub which worked but the speeds well still slow. So last month I decided to move to another provider. this was supposed to happen on the 23rd of September. It did not happen. After about 2 weeks the new provider informed me that they had to cancel the order as my line was not compatable with Fiber, so I could only have the standard package. Well that explained why my speeds had been so slow yet BT had been charging me for BT infinity.

Do I get a refund? off course not. Having terminated my contract with BT from the 23rd of September I have no internet and no landline. On the 8th of October BT decided to reconnect the landline and I only learn of this when they start billing me a couple of days ago. How can they do this? Not only that they seem to be making it difficult for me to migrate to the other IP.

I have had no internet since the 23rd of September because of this. I will never use BT again.

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