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Submitted by Paul in November 2016

I am very dissatisfied with the customer service and poor communication which I am receiving from BT. I was with my old providers Sky and they were not performing how I expected them to perform so I decided to end my services.

I chose BT and did this order online in the early stages of October 2016. I wanted broadband and a telephone package, I was asked if I wanted to keep my number which I chose to and the order was completed.
I was given an order ref number and got given account number. Few days later I decide to check on the order and was told by a member of staff that it was cancelled.

This was due to BT unable to take my number over from Sky due to a cease, I was told by BT to contact Sky ref this to see if I could get this chassed up quicker.

I rang Sky on my mobile for 30 minutes this the longest conversation. They said that the line had been cease and I had no services with them what so ever.

I called BT the next day and this was another mission getting through to them. When I got through I explained the situation and gave the ref number and was told that it was cancelled.
The advisor was very helpfully and informed me that she will place the order for me again and I will still get my reward card. She tried to make sure that this was going to go through.

She told me that a specialist department was would have to contact me and this would be within 3 days. I had no communication I had to keep calling up and getting through leaving messages and messages with my email address to a woman called Presema who never returned my calls or email. I tried ringing up on different times throughout the day, my calls were never returned and on each occasion I would get through to a voicemail service.

I contacted BT and explained the situation and was told by a member of staff that my order was cancelled, this was very frustrating. The member of staff from BT re done me a new order and explained that I will get my reward card as soon as my broadband was connected. And that someone from the specialist team would be in touch in 3 days times.
A week later I contacted BT just to find out if there was any update and was told that I was given a case handler who called David on this number 01977593078. I have been unable to contact him as his phone is constantly on answering phone I have left my number and email address due to the job I do I am unable to have a mobile at work. David has not responded to me.

I have contacted BT and explained the situation to and requested to have a new case handler.

I find that this customer service journey which I have experienced with BT is very very poor and unacceptable. I am not happy it is taking a very long time with no communications unless I contact BT.

Some staff are giving mixed information and this is totally unacceptable. I am totally not impressed the way I have been treated and will be flagging this whole incident and situation with the Omnibus and other authorities.

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