Poor Communication and Customer Service

Dear BT complaint, I would like to complain about recent problems with my broadband. Firstly I am still waiting for a communication re a refund as my standing order was not cancelled when I switched to BT infinity so I was paying two bills.

Secondly after a recent lightening strike I have been without internet from Sat 25th until today. I also waited in all morning yesterday (Tuesday 28th) for a bt engineer only to be told that the wrong engineer had been booked.

I found the bt faults team a little difficult to understand and had to wait on hold for long periods of time. One suggestion might be that you give each new fault a reference number so that customers do not have to go through all the questions more than once and this may speed things up.

Overall my experience left me feeling totally dissatisfied with your customer service.

I look forward to your response.

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  1. An UNSECURE BT hot spot hacked my computer. When I complained I was basically told to get lost because I was not paying for it. It seems BT think they have a right to allows anyone to hack using their unsecure hot spots.

  2. Its up to you to secure your laptop irrelevant of what network you are connected to. BT (or any provider) cannot protect idiots like you

  3. thanks for this excellent rant page folks but bloody bt has me raving mad, whilst playing online this morning bt so fit to suspend my broadband causing my Xbox to crash also causing me now to have a red quadrant , they say it not their problem ??? Worked fine before bt started mucking about. Subscribe to bt tech no way these people take enough cash of me
    They also say it can't be held responsible to damge caused to none bt equipment ???? Wrong it was their inept ,lying, unproffesional attitude that made this problem

  4. Essentially Bt have a monopoly business and have the security of knowing they have a guaranteed income from line rental. I have had a fault unresolved for 1 month and have spent 8 hours of my life trying to go through their system. It is designed to distance employees from their customers and annoy and frustrate people so they just give up. As for outsourcing call centres abroad, it is my experience that if you cannot make yourself understood or the problem is complicated they just hang up on you and you have to spend another 20 minutes going through the system again. Do they not wonder or even care why all the people that eventually get through to them are in bad moods!!!!

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