Poor Broadband Customer Service

Yet another BT complaint from an unhappy

broadband customer having changed provider from Virgin. Bet they wished they hadn’t now!

Dear Sir

What an absolute nightmare I have had since moving over to BT from Virgin.

I was promised a better service and the same service. What a lie. I have no HD channels. The Broadband will not work and the TV does not work properly.

I have spent hours and hours trying to get things put right and listening to their promises. Four weeks later, still nothing. I have been cut off at least five times. Again today, after trying to talk to someone I have been cut off.

They have not even cancelled my other account with Virgin. That is still up an running.

There was no installation of the product when it arrived, it was just left outside. I was told installation was in with the price etc.

I am taking this further with Trading Standards as BT have mis-sold me a product and have failed miserably to get it put right. I have pulled the plug regardless of whether I am still under contract and I will fight this until I get an apology off them and, they cancel my account.

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