Phone Slammed by BT

We’d never heard of phone slamming until we setup this BT Complaints website and here is another complaint from a customer who has been ‘slammed’ by BT.

Dear BT Complaints

After 4 weeks of phone calls to Sky and Ofcom I have finally discovered that the reason my Sky Talk and Sky Broadband was cancelled without my say-so, whilst I was on holiday at the end of August, is because I have been “Slammed” by BT.

BT unlawfully approached Sky and told them I was switching service provider (from Sky to BT) consequently, I have been without landline or broadband connection for the last 5 weeks – crippling for someone such as myself who is a freelancer and works from home. I can’t begin to explain how inconvenient this has been or what degree of expense or loss of earnings I have incurred as a result.

Also baffling is that despite 4 phone calls to Ofcom who investigated the situation – they were never able to get to the bottom of this problem. In fact they told me that categorically no other service provider was involved and that Sky had cancelled the line of their own accord for no apparent reason. Can we trust Ofcom?

Is this a common occurence?

Best wishes
Jessica Ludgrove

For more information on phone slamming read this Wikipedia entry

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