Phone Broadband TV Complaints

Complaints from one customer about BT’s Phone Broadband and TV service! This customer has one complaint after another….

Dear Sir

I joined BT back in June 2009. Since then there has rarely been a week I haven’t had to contact their customer services about something. I took their phone, broadband and TV service not knowing what stress, aggravation and anger I was in for.

The week I got BT I got a nasty shock. “We want £129.00” AFTER they had activated my line. The person i spoke to to set up BT assured me that I could pay it off over 6 months. This wasn’t going to be the case until I argued with BT for god knows how long. So straight away, 3 months billing upfront, and that to contend with. Brilliant job BT!!!

Then came the BT vision issues. When I tried to set it up on the date their letter told me to, it didn’t work. After much swearing and losing of tempers we phoned BT to discover that when the order had
been placed someone had neglected to put something onto my line and that it wouldn’t support BT vision until it was on there. 2 weeks later I was FINALLY able to watch BT.

Next came the 1st proper bill from BT, charging me £400 + for 3 months service etc. Straight away I wasn’t a happy bunny and started thinking that getting BT was a mistake. After arguing more than I should have had to, it was agreed that £70 a month on a monthly payment plan was fair. This would later not be the case.

Soon after getting BT vision I realised that it didn’t actually work all the time. According to BT it needed time to stabilize (because this is BT’s answer to anything technical they cant be bothered fixing) and that it would work in a few days. They continued to argue with me that it would work eventually every time I phoned…much to my disgust at them not caring I was paying for something that didn’t work. Eventually one person caught something that may have been the issue, and upped my speed to see if that helped. Sadly it didn’t, but that CSA was the 1st of many that actually seemed to care. Next came an engineer, who was very helpful and knew his stuff. He replaced the hub, vision box and socket on the wall after telling me that it wasn’t a problem with any of them, but that it would definitely rule them out.

Sadly the people who I spoke to after him didn’t possess the same knowledge he did and didn’t make an attempt to understand the point I was trying to make, instead they just brushed over it with their usual “I will do everything I can to resolve your problem” spiel.

Next came a month of being cut off from BT for no good reason. After realizing that my billing date was a day before I got paid, I asked BT to hold off. Of course this wasn’t a problem (in theory) and the notes where put on my account and the arrangements made. So off I went expecting no problems and thinking that BT was actually a pretty understanding company. I’m sure you can imagine my disgust when BT cut me off on the 4th of September for not paying the bill that I had arranged to pay at the end of September. After 3 failed attempts to explain this to 3 different CSAs who each promised a manager would call me (I’m STILL waiting on those calls) I gave up as I was going into hospital. After getting out of hospital and recovering enough to walk back around to the payphone I phoned BT again. Still no joy.

Eventually my partner at the time said that he would take it out in his name and called BT to set this up. Only then did we get speaking to someone who listened to us and started to get this all sorted out once and for all. Eventually we got everything up and running again, and eventually were able to use the phone again.

It wasn’t long until the billing department struck again and again, suspending different parts of our BT service “for non payment of bills” until I contacted OFCOM, BT’s complaints department and BT’s
chairman’s office contacted me to try and sort this mess out. We were refunded for the month we had been cut off, offered an apology and were left feeling positive and upbeat about BT.

This didn’t last long. Between all the goings on with the chairman’s office and us, we had been having problems with the broadband and of course BT vision. As we continued to appease BT’s need to send out engineer after engineer (I’m actually glad that I was off work on long term sick at this point otherwise I would have either starved or had no holiday time left) they had nothing. Their attempts to fix it stopped.

When a new problem reared its head at the start of December I actually wanted to cry. Their billing department had decided (despite me being owed a refund for BT vision for 6 months) to increase my monthly payment plan from £70 to £120 a month. After several long winded conversations with BT about statutory sick pay rates they eventually agreed to reduce this back to £70 until March. So while BT was still not working I was paying them nearly double what my mother was paying Sky for a service that she didn’t have any problems with.

Along with this, the broadband developed a new problem where it dropped out every night between 12 midnight and 2 am. Not exactly useful to someone trying to start up a business that would have been global. After several engineers being sent out to do the same tests over and over, yet another new BT Home Hub and wall socket I was informed by one CSA that the “electromagnetic waves” off my Christmas tree were to blame…I was promptly warned when I joined in the fun and suggested aliens were tampering with my broadband. Along with their other suggestions I was also told that: my wireless wasn’t working right (I use a wired connection, which they had asked about 2 mins before), that broadband isn’t meant to be a 24/7 connection (way to go BT, lie to us on TV if that’s the case) and that it wasn’t showing up on their systems (so how someone from BT vision support was able to ask me about it is beyond me.). This problem is still ongoing as we speak.

Finally with all the problems I had I decided enough was enough and asked for my MAC code. My 1st 2 attempts to get it where unsuccessful as BT tried to cancel everything because I asked for it. The 3rd time around, I threatened with OFCOM and it arrived in my inbox 30 mins after I asked for it. After I gave it to Sky, it was like a massive weight had been lifted off my chest.

Now, 5 days before all ties with BT are cut they are making automated calls threatening to cut me off after I explained to a CSA yesterday that arrangements had been made to pay off my full bill after i receive my final bill. After all this stress and drama it had occurred to me that the reason I was off work with stress and cant stop smoking involves BT for at least some of it. I am currently waiting to see exactly what I do/don’t get billed for at the end of all this as a CSA has promised no cancellation charges for broadband or TV. I honestly cannot wait to get away from BT, and would really love to bill them for the 25+ hours i have had to phone them on average each month.

If anyone asked me about BT now, I’d say don’t do it unless you are so bored and lonely you want to talk to strangers and get absolutely nowhere. Their customer service is shocking, they need to employ people with better English skills who can actually deviate from whats on their screen and understand what people are saying instead of guessing, they need to sort the billing department out because right now they’re a law onto themselves and they need to start actually doing what they say they will instead of using the word sorry when they don’t.

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