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Submitted by Robert in November 2016

I have had my services for almost 10 months now, and i am ontheup to 70mb broadband and phone line, for starters for the first 4 months thelandline never worked, after weeks of fighting they finally realised the issue was their end and they corrected it while i was on the phone.

As for my broadband, paying almost £80 per month for a 70mb service with a guaranteed 30mb minimal , i have yet to receive the minmal.

The best speed at any time of the day or week has been 28mb. my mobile data connection is better than this.

i hate having to pay for something i am not getting and then they have the nerve to double my monthly fee, even though i am not getting what they say i would have got.

I am cancelling my services and with just teather from my phone.


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