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I’ve a fairly urgent issue and complaining to you because it has become clear to me that BT cannot deal with me in a fair and reasonable fashion.

In May 2010 we contacted BT regarding moving home. BT cut off the broadband and phone at our old address (1 Brougham place) and took the details of our new address (5 Northcote street) and told us a BT engineer would be sent due to the line having been set up for another company by the previous tenant, he was due on the 17th of June. The engineer arrived at the address he was given and called us, he said he was at “5 brougham place”.

When he was told he was at the wrong address he informed us that due to this he couldn’t perform the work that day and we would have to rebook. We rebooked for the 28th of June (the earliest BT could give us), but we were called back by BT to say they had gotten the order wrong again and had to rebook again for the 5th of July. We were annoyed at this but just wanted our phone and broadband back, we were told at the time we would not be charged for the previous month but we would be charged for the engineer.

Because we wanted our phone and internet back we agreed to add the engineer bill onto our monthly bill in instalments (we have a 7 month old child and can’t afford to pay over £100 in one instalment for one guy to perform 15 minutes worth of work) and we asked for our phone to be capped so we didn’t over spend for this month we also asked regarding the “temporary technical fault” on our account online but we were told this would correct itself, we were set for paper free bills so this was important.

So it was all agreed and everything was up and running after the 5th of July, but our account still showed that it had a technical fault. We thought it was perhaps due to BT not charging for the lost month. Today I woke to find no Internet connection, there appeared to be a problem with all telephone communications in our area (including mobiles) we assumed it would be corrected but the mobiles started working again and not the broadband. We had to use a pay phone (free number) due to the home phone not working to find out what the problem was and we were told we had been cut off! No warning whatsoever!

We are now being told we must pay £200+ in one lump sum or cancel. After arguing on the phone we were told we would not be charged a cancelations fee but BT would not accept paying the amount in instalments. We don’t understand why we have been cut off and we have been unable to access our bill due to the problems on our account. We don’t even know if BT were trying to charge us for the month where we had no phone and broadband. BT seem to be unable to maintain a simple agreement with me. I would he more than happy to continue my broadband and phone, we were already happy to pay the amount but in instalments where we are not put in a difficult position.

We need our account working so we can see our bill, we need to pay in instalments as was agreed last month and we need our broadband and phone back. I get paid this Friday and the Monday following we have money put into the account for bills including BT, I would be more than happy to contact and discuss this further with BT but we have no home phone, we would need at least the phone working so we could call the 0800 number if BT do wish to help us. I’m sure BT can sort that so we can’t use the phone for anything else, or BT can call me (I’m sure BT have my number!).

I have looked at moving to another company but 4 weeks is the normal time taken to get set up and I simply cannot wait another month to have my phone and broadband back.

I also hope that BT can realise that they have mistreated me and broken our agreement, I do not believe that we broke our end of the agreement but we had no access to our bill and therefore no idea what amount was to come off, if there had been a problem we would have contacted BT to arrange something, we also believe that BT should have contacted us to resolve any problem first instead of cutting us off.

Thank you for taking the time to read my message, I hope you can help us. I would also like to inform you that a similar message has been sent to OTELO (The Office of the Telecommunications Ombudsman) and they may contact you to try and help resolve this matter, I would not have taken this matter any further had we been treated fairly over the phone earlier when trying to resolve the matter but BT operator(s) response was unhelpful and gave the impression that they were unwilling to do anything for us.


Paul Brisbane

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  • Hi,
    a simple home move from Essex to Wales ended up being a fiasco !!.
    I called B.T to dis connect the phone at the old address on the 9th July 2010,and connect a new phone at the new property ,i was even given the phone number all good so far. Fast forward 4 weeks and had not received a final bill from the old property so i called B.T.on the 31st July the phone was still connected !!!luckily no one had used i requested again please disconnect this line as i know longer live there.On Monday 2nd August the phone at the new address was DISCONNECTED !! instead.I Went around the phone system 2 x 45 min bouts could not really understand what i was talking about, they hung up on me and said i had broken the 12 month contract with them so will be charged !! They disconnected the wrong phone in the first place.i am furious !! I have let people know the new number and now that has changed because of there incompetence.!!So i have to go through all notifications of friends ,companies, doctor dental etc .The service from B.T really is shocking and they dont give a hoot !!!!

  • Extraordinary. This afternoon I trawled the various google sites to see how to complain to BT. Imagine my amazement to find the myriad of sites full of complaints.

    On 13th July i moved to my new address, a simple move of 100 yards down the street. They cut off the old service and assured me the new premises were hooked up. No such luck. Eleven calls, three visits from engineers and hours wasted, my own locally employed telephone engineer (cost £45) determined that BT had wrongly connected the service to the burglar alarm line.

    BT informed me that it would cost £119 to visit the premises if that fault was mine. The engineer arrived at 1730hrs and promptly announced that he could do nothing as the exchange was closed, but that he could see the fault was on my premises. £119,please.

    A further visit could be arranged, but that would cost another £119. No thank you nice Mr/Mrs BT! My own engineer returned as part of his original visit, connected the line and we were alive and running, except for Broadband. This could not be fixed because there was a fault in the exchnange. Finally after one week they were able to provide intermittent Broadband service, which is how it is on the 20th September.

    Call themselves a communications company? Call it customer service? I beleive what goes around comes around and I have high hopes of BT falling foul of their own smug inefficiency.

  • My complaint against BT is too long-winded and far too painful for me to detail! However, I must just pass on that dealing with BT customer services advisers has been one of the most time-consuming, excruciating and frustrating experiences I have ever had in all my 50 years of dealing with any company, anywhere. The simplest problem has been misunderstood, misrepresented, solutions promised and then completely different results to the promised solutions given, which each time I have been asked to wait yet another two weeks to resolve. I feel like weeping every time I pick up the phone to them – and it isn't over yet. This is a simple problem over a landline issue; sadly I also signed up for broadband with BT when we moved house recently and I am dreading, absolutely dreading, the moment I have to ask for help or service regarding that. My experience of BT is – there IS no service ethic.

  • What A joke BT is.
    Parents who have been BT customers for over 40 years have recently moved contacted BT to tell them they were moving and that it would be a couple of weeks until they moved into a new property.
    From the suggestion of BT was given optition of closing Landline at 12 noon or 5pm and agreed to 5pm when they would have moved out and the landline number was going to be transferred to a mobile.

    The landline had been closed down much earlier that day not allowing them to be in contact with solicitors and estate agents etc.
    After a dozen of phone calls to the moving home department 'We can help take the stress out of moving' what a joke they are and having to call the useless call centres in India.

    5 days on – Landline has not been transferred to mobile, but what BT has done is reconnect the phone line back to the original property where parents had moved out from so the new people who moved in at the address are also having problems.

    Also had problems with BT 18 months ago
    Not recommended

  • At the end of October 2010 I telephoned BT to transfer my exsiting phone number and Broadband to my new home. If I had BT Vision I wouldn't have to pay for connection they said. Ok, I said, go ahead. I needed an engineer to fit the land line in the new house and then another engineer to fit BT Vision. The appointments were booked for 18.11.10, a letter was received from BT confirming everthing. On the day, the land line engineer turns up, he didn't know about the broadband. The post man delivers the Vision equipment, the BT engineer turns up to install BT Vision – cannot do it without broadband!! After an hour & half on the phone speaking to everyone in BT and finally getting no-where I was told a new order would have to be placed, as due to a computer glitch the night my 1st order was placed, the broadband had been cancelled. I placed a new order, was given a new order reference and the engineer booked to come out again on 3rd December. Guess what? Five days later I am checking on line on my BT account and they have charged for installation, and my 2nd order for Broadband and BT Vision has been cancelled! Good old BT well recommended – not. I'm now an hour into calling them to see what pathetic excuse they have today for this cancellation. I guess I'll have to re-book the appointment. Might have broadband for Xmas, though not sure what year.

  • I'd like to know how you complain to BT when you're not a customer.
    A BT engineer was seen working on the pole at the bottom of the street. Since then I have no dialling tone on my phone, it doesn't ring my end when someone tries to ring me but yet the internet is working.
    Im not a BT customer but as it was a BT engineer, I want to know what's going on!!

  • I would like to be able to talk to a human being, preferably one who talks fluent english, about our ongoing battle with BT. A fairly long story but basically its due to their incompetence in dealing with our returning of BT Vision equipment. At the moment I stand £250 out of pocket, still waiting on a cheque, which has been promised twice now. As time ticks on we have been cut off twice, both landline and broadband. To top it all I have had some foreign girl on the phone earlier demanding money, next thing we will be cut off again. Aaaarrrrggghhh, please help!

  • I've had similar experiences this month as a new customer where the company charged me £130 for an engineer's visit to "install" a line where the line already existed and the previous tenants had already been using. They didn't even tell me I would require a visit from an engineer and certainly didn't say it would cost such an extortionate amount. Absolutely pathetic.

    They have a monopoly on the exchanges where I live and if I ever have a choice, I will never, ever, ever use the company again.

  • We currently have on going battle with BT all bills paid in full at all times and have DD in place.According to them an internal error cut off our broadband 24 hours later cut off our line.
    I have been left hanging on my phone( mobile ) been put through different departments sometimes waiting up to 40 min.Other times they just hang up.
    Each department engineers bill cancellation all seperate and tell you they will transfer you.It never happens
    First few days they phoned my mobile on request after 30 min they shift departments and just leave it.
    Why I ask my self We had to use other internet facilites not ours of course (dosent workand) contacted them, via there billing then other departments each time within in 24 hours came back oh it is error on our part and then back to square one.
    All done abroud from call centre Meanwhile a week later we are still paying for a phone line and broadband we dont have.
    Frankly the treatment by them is disgracful.I am curtious at all times called them Sir and madam and basically pleaded with them to sort out.
    As yet nothing.My next step is to highlite this at every level.News papers tv everything to show what is going on here.In fact it is a criminal act.

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