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The 10 Downing Street website has a UK Customer Service petition – to introduce fines for companies / firms delivering poor customer service in the UK.

All those who make a complaint to make about BT Can do this in one of two places

Customer Service Petition – Online petition on the Government website

BT Complaints Page – All complaints will be put into report and sent for investigation

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  • we intend to take bt all the way.the abuse we had to go through on the customer service line was an absolute disgrace my partner was in floods of tears.not only was his attitude towards us an absolute disgrace he started laughing down the phone. after i said i was reporting his disgusting behaviour he was all appologies then started laughing again.the call to sort out 2 small issues bts fault resulted in 4 different deppartments 2 hours of mental abuse being laughed at and humiliated result my partner is distraught didnt sleep a wink feels ill feels abused and this we will not let go.we taped the whole conversation and intend to take this to the papers our soliciter post on the internet and whoever and whatever else it is an absolute disgrace if thats how there foreign customer service behaves then every single person with bt should get together and make the biggest stink up ever seen in this country.they dont give a damm about us customers its money money money well we may not be as big as bt but watch this space when the truth comes out. i really cant tell you in words how bad the experience was because words couldnt describe it but they are not getting away with this thats a promise my partner in a right messed up state

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