Pensioner quoted £150,000 for BT broadband!!!

A pensioner who wants to switch to broadband was quoted £150,000 by BT. Silver surfer Beverley McCartney, 71, hoped to get a high-speed connection to view her favourite websites. But she thought again when BT said it would cost her £129,613.54 plus VAT.

Beverley, of Salem, near Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, fumed: “It’s outrageous. I’m not on top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere – it’s rural but not a wilderness.”

BT said the cost reflected the extra equipment needed to supply one individual.

BT responded to a broadband line activation request made by Beverly McCartney with a quote for over £150,000. BT, clearly realising that a pensioner might find this figure hard to bear, decided, through the goodness of its heart, to foot £8,000 of the total bill.

Unsurprisingly, Mrs McCartney initially thought the quote was a typing error, however after talking to a BT employee, was told that it was indeed the current amount. To top things off the employee lectured the pensioner saying that “other people have had bills for more”.

According to BT spokesperson Chris Orum, BT is making a “multi-billion pound” investment in its UK network and presumably the firm wanted Mrs McCartney to help out in no small part with this charge. While it is true that there can be occasions when, due to geographical location, utility companies charge the customer to install infrastructure, that usually pertains to commercial facilities, such as in the case of BT, laying fibre-optic cables into datacenters and large office blocks, not “up-to 24Mb” broadband.

The pensioner admits that her abode is located in a rural part of the country, but that it isn’t “on top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere”. A claim that is confirmed, to some degree by BT. Orum said that the Mrs McCartney’s home village of Salem, near Llandeilo, is not a “broadband not-spot”. This begs the question, why quote such a ridiculous amount for broadband activation?

As for Mrs McCartney, who is seeing the funny side to the whole palaver, BT’s quote should mean that she, and her town of 50 houses, will either have to pony up the 150 grand or live without BT high-speed Internet.

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  • This happens a lot. Generally when people are told they cannot get broadband in their area they just have to accept it; if you really push BT to install it then they can quote you how much it would cost them to put in a whole new exchange near your house. It clearly isn't worth their while footing the bill, several lifetimes of broadband use wouldn't pay for the install and maintenance costs.

    It is the technology of ADSL I'm afraid. Dial-up will have to do for now.

  • BT are a business, a plc in fact so they have these people called investors (a bit like the Dragon's in Dragons Den).

    What these investors, better known as share holders do is give BT £XXX amount of money and BT then try to turn that money into £xxx,xxx amount of money, it's called a return on your investment.

    Now if BT were to invest £150,000 installing the infrastructure to supply a service to say 10 houses in a rural location they will want to see a 'return' on the investment. Problem is they know this can not be achieved, well certainly not anytime soon. Lets say for arguements sake 5 out of the 10 houses get broadband from BT. They pay £15.99 a month and lets say each of those 5 houses keep BT broadband for 3 years on average.

    So that is £15.99 X 12 Months = £191.88

    £191.88 X 5 Customer = £959.40

    £959.40 X 3 Years = £2,878.20

    £150,000 – £2,878.20 = £147121.80

    So that leaves BT £147121.80 out of pocket, which makes their share holders lose money so in turn it de-values how much the company is worth.

    So to be clear on what I am trying to say is, BT are a business. NOT a Social Service as most people seem to think they are.

    • Not something BT cared to share or attempt to explain themselves. Ignorance arrogance instead of a polite explanation. cost BT Fall.

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