Paying for broadband service which is just not there!

Dear BT Complaints, why am I paying for a broadband service which is only useable for 3 or 4 hours a day? I can be in the middle of something important and suddenly the screen tells me there is no broadband connection- when I look at the hub, broadband is showing as connected.

I then have no broadband for anything up to two DAYS. Alternately, I am working and suddenly the blue connection light goes off, and I have no broadband; nothing has been touched or altered, I am just cut off with no explanation. I keep being told I need new filters; I can assure you I do not, and am certainly not going to pour good money after bad buying something I do not need.

The broadband service is so s.l.o.w. that I frequently just switch the computer off; I don’t have an hour to wait while the service gets going.

I asked about having this looked into, and was told I would have to pay an engineer £96.00!!!!! I live on a State pension, and in any case, I am already paying you for a service which is slow, inadequate and overcharged.

How about refunds for all the times I cannot use my computer because your so-called “service” is no service at all? Once my contract is up, you have definitely lost another customer (plus the ones I have already warned about your appalling provision.

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  • My broadband works fine during the day and then from about 5pm all evening it slows down to non existent so much so that it takes about 20 minutes to open 1 email !It is next to worthless having it. If it wasn't my employers choice to have had BT internet then I certainly wouldnt be paying personally for this dreadful service. I am now going to have to have another broadband line with another provider installed just so that I can use the internet at night !!!

  • Sound like the same problem I am getting. I have complained about it and also advised to try a new filter, which I have and still the same. There customer service was supposed to contact me but never did.
    I moved from O2 to BT which I assumed would be the best, how wrong I have been!!!!
    I will certainly be switching away from BT when this contract is up in a few months.

  • Our broadband service is terrible, our internet connection is very slow.We have complained countless times, nothing gets resolved. I am tired of going over the same ground time and time again with the folks in India. They try their best but the fact remains we do not get the service we pay for. BT vision does does not have enough bandwidth to work properly.

  • I also have a problem with Bt Broadband. It drops out for no apparant reason, sometime with the phone line with It. BT have sent out 2 engineers both of whom have found nothing wrong and they are now charging me a callout charge when there is nothing wrong with the equipment on my premesis and there is an acknowledged fault on the line.

  • I had 3 engineer visits plus a visit that never happened to still put up with 1Mbs. On 05 February I called BT (yet again) and was told that "I should be getting at least 10Mbs" and that they would call me back in 7 days to confirm I am happy. One month on and no call and, more importantly, still the same S.L.O.W. broadband. Just called BT back and they say that the advisor should not have made promises.
    BT "help desk" is a disgrace. BT broadband is a disgrace.

  • BT are a joke I am sad they use the word British, every time i call its India. They read from a crib sheet.
    I have a S.L.O.W to NO connection 24/7. BT have sent 3 engineers to me they all say the same, I get .5meg at best, I am 7.5kms from the exchange and will get nothing better until the exchange is updated.
    I contacted BT to terminate my contract as THEY cant provide a service and THEY want ME to pay them £89.

    This rip off should be stopped.

  • My issue is the same as people above but with this twist: From 2005-2008 (we have had broadband since 2003, the spped gradually increased from 200 up tp 500, then 1mbit) from 2005 we had a steady 1mb with lmost no outages for 3 years. Then from 2008 it started going down hill. The past couple of years have been worst. For at least a week or two a month the speed slows to 100-150k and it is often off for hours a day. We have had several engineer visits who tell us our system is fine and the problem exists between us and the exchange. There clearly is a problem somewhere – it worked fine for 3 years but now it seems to be falling apart. I complained in writing and got a 'sorry' letter but no answer to my request 'when will it be fixed' What does it take to get them to renew their equipment? if it is failing for us it must be failing for others too. We recently had a campaign group start in our village, hopefully this collective pressure will make them replace the system. I am going to take my written complaints on to the ombudsman. Why do they do this to a customer who has had BB from them for 9 years and then basically pisz me off with lies and intransigence. You would expect a service to gradually improve over time not degrade like this.

  • i am having same problem virtually not broadband at all, all i have is 0.2 mbps download speed, all i get from support is there is a fault then nothing, they lie constantly, and when you want to speak to uk support not possible or have to wait 24 hours for no call.
    Yes i agree all BT is interested in nowadays is profit, thats why they have there calls centres in India.
    What they should be doing is getting UK support back, so customers can talk to people that listen, and dont mess you around.
    I myself am taking my problem to the ombudsman as this has to stop, and i urge everyone that still has a problem now to do the same if enough people complain the ombudsman will have to take action against BT.

  • I am sick and tried on my BT broadband speed of 0.5 I have talked to the call centre in India, helpful as they were couldn't really understand what they were saying. I followed their instructions (unscrew the front plate etc etc ) I have had an engineer out. He renewed the incoming box (by the front door) It was fine for a couple of hours then back to the SLOW speed of 0.5. Please please help this is driving me mad. I want to speak to someone I can understand and I DONT want to have to unscrew stuff off my wall again. I must of done that half a dozen times already . Regards Mary Baldwin

  • Same again,

    When I connected to BT everything was fine. Connection speeds of 7.0mbs then in November last year it dropped to 0.2mbs. My immediate neighbours are at 4.0mbs!

    My IT engineer has checked my premises and the fault is an external Bt problem. Nothing has changed here, It is at the local exchange. Nobody will speak to me.

    Waited in today for 6 hours after numerous calls to India.

    The excuse was that his van had broken down. I offered to pick him up, which the engineer would not accept.

    Still waiting

  • same problem, internet keeps cutting out and is very slow. Also have bad interference on phone line. have done all checks on our equipment and changed filter to no effect. BT threaten to charge us £135 if they find its not their fault. We can't take that risk as is a great deal of money. Appalling service and cutomer service advisers from overseas call centre impossible to understand. Should be able to speak to someone who speaks the same language and is able to offer practical help.

  • We are having exactly the same problems – little or no connection for most of the day, not even in the middle of the night. I'm amazed it's still connected whilst I'm typing this! Have just come off the phone yet again – 5th time in past 7 days – after speaking to complaints manager who has promised callback within 1 hour. Should of had engineer call this afternoon – he came at 9:40 this morning when I was at work! Sick to the back teeth of unscrewing the connection box and now only connect to Indian call centre and immediately ask to be put through to UK (which they have to do and have done each time)although the guy I spoke to only spoke apologetic language and messed up the engineer visit!Am writing to everyone I can think of in order to complain – this is the most appalling service I have ever come across and something must be done!

  • i reported slow internet speed on the 29th March-spoke to the usual call centre staff who could not string a proper conversation together in english. They tested the line and said there was no fault but would escalate the call-2 hrs later Broadband dies and has been down ever since!
    Have phoned 11 times and spoken to a number of hopeless call centre employees-get different story every time-was told that it was escalated in the exchange and then find work is cancelled-told that fault would be repaired in 3 working days-when I asked does this include weekdends and bank holidays they couldn't tell me what a working day was!!
    I eventually called a Warren Buckley-MD customer service-someone from the Uk did phone me and assured me it would be repaired by Saturday 7th April. even gave me a contact number for executive faults and email addresses-he said someone would call me today 8th April.
    Broadband still down and no phone call-now fault has again been passed to another department and should be repaired on Tuesday 10th.What BT lack is a systems engineer overlooking whole system and not just little parts of the system and when they get fed up just pass it back and foe between departments!!
    Appalling service

  • Had BT Broadband installed just over 2 wks ago.Lack of, or intermittant, service 1st week and complained.
    3 perfect days then line dropped and no service since.
    BT do not answer complaints in their 72hr time limit.
    BT Call Centre incompetent, they do not do what they agree to, you end up waiting for the allotted 2 hr time slot and they do not call you.
    BT UK think it is sufficient to do somthing within 4 weeks by which time you have no banking facilities or bill payment done or contantc with HMRC or DVLA etc.
    Call centre consider minimum time to wait for next action is 2 days.
    With lack of service, abuse of customers by BT, contract service bears no relation to adverts, they work to procedures when it suits them to block you leaving without penalty yet do not work to procedures to provide agreed rectifications.
    To show level BT of incompetence they even installed telephone line with a damaged cable having bear conductors!! The were complained to and in this instance rectified the situation.
    I would like to leave the contract which they have broken the terms to and sue for full refunds and withdrawal of the TV adverts.
    BT is a highly arrogant and anti-customer organisation in this modern ITC media world.

  • To all those comments above, I have similar probs and am fed up with BT. I think a group should be set up on facebook to see the true state of BT. They are a disgrace to british industry

  • Bt are an absolute joke. They charge top dollar for an inferior service. Remember up to 8gb ha ha ha and now they are strutting on tv talking about infinity-yes if you live in London probably. I would sack the lot of many of us have had the same tired old line-how far are you from an exchange-WHAT. Its the 21st century you joke of a company-get it sorted cos you cahrge the poor consumer enough.

  • BT clearly sucks….for 3 years i have been battling with BT…wasted hours upon hours explaining the same story to numerous customer service agents….very few who have been on any help. Today our 14th engineer visited our premises and went through the same standard procedure of testing and dismantling everything in our house only to then go outside and start dealing with where the fault actually lies….the line leading to our house. Somehow BT mircaclousley managed to lose the last engineers report and actually any record of him visiting our premises which clearly stated the line needed replacing….bottom line….BT just dont want to replace the line because we are 1 of only 3 properties on this strecth of country road….BT you suck beyond….thankgod Satelite broadband is now available at an affordable price…i suggest anyone visiting this page looks into Tooway Satellite….and saves some stress

  • wooow at least i am not the only one!!!
    i have also been told that there is poblems at the exchange and the 2 people that should have come to see me to fix from my end said that they couldnt get access!! one main problem is that there is no one directly responsible!!! some one in india can tell you how nice the weather is but doesnt sort it out ! they book and engineer to come in 4 days and then when they dont come there is no one you can talk to linked to that engineer!!!! maybe the just finished early and couldnt be bothered with my house call!! who knows!!!
    one thing to say……. vote with your feet and move provider!!! no customers.. = no problems for BT !

  • BT cut off my sevice 7 weeks ago due to an 'unpaid bill', even though i have had a Direct Debit with them since 2009 and have never missed a payment. It took them a couple of days and expensive, stressful mobile calls to India (hard as i try i just cant understand what they are saying) They did however own up to system error (who programs the 'system'?) and re connected me. Then did it again … and again…and again. & weeks down the line and i still have no phone and infuriatingly intermittant broadband, it seems to work when it wants to not when i need it to. Today i have spent 6 hours on the mobile to India yet again and have got nothing in return but a thumping headache. Sick of it now BT, im off to another supplier and would highly recommend other customers do the same and save both their money and sanity.

  • my internet connection is an absolute disgrace
    i cant even watch a 6 minute video been trying on and off
    all day sunday its now 11pm and it still wont load
    what are we paying bt for. THEY SHOULD GET INTO THE 20TH

  • Just to add to my previous post I should also mention on one of my recent attempts at calling the call centre I was told not to hang up as a diagnostics engineer would be picking up my call. After 1hr &5mins of the repetitive on-hold music I eventually did hang up. It sounds rediculous to admit that I hung on for so long. After so many attempts at calling to get the issue resolved I just couldn't face the idea of again having to repeat the complaint for the 50th time!!! Which I ended up having to do anyway. My blood pressure must be going through the roof.

  • Having similar problems for the past 6 weeks. Have phone the fault line (India) several times. Have to start from the beginning everytime. So frustrated as I can not receive unlimited bb from another provider in my area yet. Trying to use sky antime plus or apple tv is just painful due to lack of download speed. There doesn't seem to be anyone in this country that I can complain about it to – no one is accountable!!!
    So I am again waiting for an engineer to call me tomorrow. It may happen it may not. If I do get a call I am sure that the outcome will be as before: for the duration of the phonecall the speed will be cranked up but within 5 to 10 minutes after the call it will just drop off again.
    It is a shocking service and I would advise anyone who can get sky unlimited broadband to jump ship. This is what I'll be doing as soon as it because available iny area. Bt your day of reckoning will come!!

  • Our broadband is just not satisfactory. Again, back to normal working week and we cannot stream a simple video to watch – why am I paying for such a poor service. Last year it was completely unusable, I mean hours and days when there was nothing! while the service was 'being improved'. The mild improvement is now slipping back to unusable! We need names & numbers to email and call & write to. Jo

  • I have the same problems, broadband dropping out and slow speed.
    Contacted BT 3 times now, went through the usual things like taking the plate of the main socket, etc….
    Get the call the following day from a 2nd line''Superior'' telling me the problem was fixed.
    It seems these people in India read the same sh*t from the same cards as they tell you the same thing almost word for word (well the bits I understand)
    All in all, I cant wait to leave BT, an utter shambles!!!

  • I have the same problem as you! And the customer service over the phone is very poor. I asked for the MAC code so I can switch the provider and they refuse to give. This company is a disgrace.

  • Look, if you live 3 miles or more from your hub then when everyone else wants to get online, bt shrink your bandwidth to accomodate everyone. But they wont do it around the hub area as this is where the money is. They tell you this in your contract.I have experienced all of the above problems and more. Bt are willing to spend time and money to fix the problem but there isnt one, they just throttle it back during high usage times. They need to spend that money on investing in more hubs etc.
    But the big problem is these youngsters who require internet conection to play their games, you will notice that when they go to bed you speed picks up. All other companies/ suppliers are piggybacking the bt service which means it is controlled by bt and therefore beyond their control.The only company that doesnt is SKY and they claim that they do not throttle their service at busy times…..I am not so sure.

  • I agree with practically everything everyone says on this site so there seems to be common threads. This being the case why do BT not address the problems. It seems commonly agreed by anyone you speak to that BT is the most frustrating, difficult and inefficient company they have ever dealt with. I wish someone would start an internet campaign to bombard BT with mass complaints about service in the hope that they would finally do something. It seems that all their advertising and marketing is based on spurious claims and vague language in order to mislead customers as to what service they are really likely to receive. On reading the small print it tells me that each persons broadband is likened to having its own particular personality. That being the case i would prefer if my schizophrenic broadband be sectioned and replaced with one with a more balanced personality.If this was done the national stress levels would tumble and the NHS would save millions which could be transferred to BT to improve the service. Then we could bring all the jobs back from India and save the economy. Think i will start a Grumpy Old Man party with a mandate to get rid of BT thereby solving the nations problems and we will all live happily ever after. If only.. 🙂

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