On Demand – BT Vision not working!

This customer is fed up with BT customer services messing them around after complaining about On Demand not working after BT Infinity was installed.

Dear BT Complaint

On Thursday 7th july I had BT Infinity installed in my home. Everything was working fine except for On demand on my BT Vision Box. I reported this and I was told that within 5 to 7 days this will be back on.

It’s now Saturday 16th of July and on demand is still not working. I’ve done everything that you have advised to clear a VO 4 error but still no joy. I’ve just got off the phone to BT India who advised me that there is no quality of service set up against my account and that is why it’s not working.

If this is the case then why did the first person who I spoke to 9 days ago not spot this?

I will be without On Demand which we used to use all the time for so they say 3 more days. After past experiences this probably won’t be the case as it will probably need another 5 phone calls before some one does something about it.

This was not the first problem with BT services. I spent the best part of a month calling BT and awaiting promised phone calls which never came just trying to get infinity ordered in the first place. The problem seemed to lie with the fact my internet phone number was logged against my broadband rather than it being my landline number again this was no fault of mine!

It took me to virtually cancel my broadband with BT before some one actually took notice , the most infuriating part was this operator sorted the whole thing out on the phone there and then ……WHY WAS THIS NOT DONE ON THE FIRST CALL INSTEAD OF WASTING MY TIME FOR A MONTH??????? If he could do it why couldn’t the others who I spoke to.

I feel overall deflated by the whole BT experience so far , the fact when on demand does work I still cant watch the programs with sub titles (I am very hard of hearing by the way) I keep being told this is being resolved ….so far this has been rumbling on for over a year now , BT are still no closer to resolving this

Rob pinkney

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  1. We are exactly the same here, we have no demand and we have been trying to sort it out for weeks but every time they "send" an engineer to sort it out at the exchange it works for about two days then drops again.
    The promised speed in the contract is 2.0mps whereas our speed is 0.48mps we find this terrible since we have had bt for ages now.
    Sky at least had the desency to own up and say that they dont get signal down here.
    Somebody needs to sort this out.

  2. I have encountered this problem after upgrading to BT Infinity, and after surfing the net, I noticed that a lot of people have been experiencing this problem for over 2 years or more. This is definitely not a problem with my Internet connection as I average at 37 mb/s downloads and it fine before upgraded to infinity. I am very disappointed with BT and am planning to cancel as I am still in my cool down period.

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