Old BT Wiring – Slow Broadband and Poor Phone Line Quality

Dear BTComplaint.com, we have not been able to make or receive telephone calls since our line was connected. However, we are able to use the internet despite the dire connection speed.

BT have now dug a large hole at the front of my driveway to connect a neighbour.

Since the hole has been dug, I have experienced even worse connection speeds and our phone line still doesn’t work.

You are able to call the number, and it makes the ringing sound from the calling phone but the phone does not ring inside the address.

We’ve purchased a new phone to ensure that wasn’t the issue. Listening to the line from the phone is a continuous silence.

I have already complained about this issue and nothing has been done.

If your engineer is not able to correct it whilst they are working on the line directly at the front of our drive then I would like a full refund for the months we’ve not been able to use the line we’ve been paying for.

The whole street complains of poor connection speed and phone issues so it’s not an isolated issue.

My partner spoke to one of the BT engineers and he said “the wiring is unsuitable and old, which is why we’re experiencing the problems we are“.

This simply is not acceptable, as we’re paying a reasonable amount each month, on time and so I expect the service to work.

Yours sincerely

Laura Hewitt

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  • I Have recently just signed up for sky broadband through my BT Line. I have had it a few days now the internet is quick but not what the line can handle both my neighbours are on 13mbps. Im only on 3mbps and have a good computer. Bt came round when i was at work all they done was leave the old master socket in the wall and the old style ringers iswell. I phoned them up when i ordered and they told me i would get a whole new telephone line i have phoned sky up about this to book and engineers visit for a new line all i got was ring bt so i rang them and got told the same thing ring this person. I know this is BT'S problem as they was supposed to do this my girlfriend got was your activated cheers and walked out. If this was me i would of told him i want a new phone line and would of kicked up a stink. Is there any telephone numbers to call as this is unfair service

  • I agree with Laura Hewitt about the phoneline my nan is having same problem and has had nothing but problems on and off for months. I know it's due to old wiring, when you ring BT they start spouting charges for engineer this is frightening to the elderly. I am appalled at how BT run there business, they seam more bothered about there BT sport and are forever sending my nan letters about broadband or the sport packages they can supply. I for one think it's time BT were told to sort there old wiring out and to go back to basics, instead of pushing services such as sports channels they need to sort out the basic items with what is wrong with there service and I intend on contacting the CEO and pointing this out to them.

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