Often I can’t even email without using my phone as a hotspot

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My level of frustration peaked some time ago – not just at the appalling speeds of the broadband but the even slower response from customer services. Invariably any 0800 numbers are directed to foreign call centres where an “expert” will patronise you with suggestions of “moving the router to under the bed” or “placing it in the middle of a room away from a window”!!!

The truth is they don’t care and they have your money and the knowledge you have no other choice. I live in a rural area and accept that we may some distance from the nearest exchange however 1 mile away as the crow flies the adjacent village is on “superfast broadband” and there are occasions (often) that I can’t even send an email without using my phone as a hotspot.

The monopolies commission seems to take no interest that even alternative providers must use the same wire network and pay BT for the privilege and yet still manage to produce better results especially with customer services. At the time of my latest renewal date I chose to stay with BT as my neighbours were experiencing trouble changing providers and I was concerned about the disruption. I regret it every day. They have better performance and far superior response from customer services.

BT are always looking to include hidden charges for sport or other services never asked for or ever used and last year they said I exceeded my download limits (on unlimited service!!) and charged a fortune for excess use.  I cannot dispute it or discuss it as I clearly don’t keep those records but it is highly unlikely if I cant even download a simple document that I would be streaming data all day.

I have never felt so frustrated or trapped by a provider who clearly only cares about their charges and not the service and the adverts on television are blatant lies. I do not know anybody who has a good experience and the people seem to benefiting are the shareholders.

I doubt one more voice will make a difference as they clearly don’t listen and the bodies that could change the system won’t because they are clearly shareholders. If ever there was a company that must be considered corrupt it would be BT.
Whatever the risk I will be changing providers..

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