Non supply of Infinity Broadband Router

Submitted by Ian in November 2016

We changed to Infinity Broadband , as it had just reached our rural area, at the end of August.

We were told by BT that on a certain date we would be switched over to the new service, that we might lose Broadband for a short time, but it would then come back on.
The Broadband did go off, but did not come back on. After several attempts to contact BT an engineer was sent 6 days later. He managed to connect us but did not have the new router that we were supposed to be supplied with, told us it would be sent to us.

After a couple of weeks, I managed to speak to someone and was told that his ‘ boss’ would ring me the next Sunday.
Someone did ring, promised me £30 compensation and also that a new router would be sent straightaway.
To date nothing has been received

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