No Phone, No Broadband, No Mobile, No Apology, No Compensation!

BT have got it sorted when it comes to an effortless sign up process. It’s so simple, so friendly and so fast – but that’s where it ends as this complaint shows.


BT know how to charge for everything, be accountable for nothing and have so many call centres in so many countries that when things go wrong – which they always seem too – at least in my experience – you WILL need to take at least a day off to get it resolved within a week.

Here are just a few of my experiences with B.T.

1) In 2010 we moved business premises and we had everything organised ahead of time. “BUT” B.T. failed to work out how to connect our line. For two weeks engineers visited and shaking and scratching their heads as to why our business phone service was not connected. Then one day I asked the engineer why no one had lifted the inspection cover of the inspection chamber for phone lines on our drive way. What a miracle was this we were quickly connected, but no apologies and no compensation for two weeks lost business. Oh and I was reminded I was now outside of my cancellation period and I had signed up to a five year contract. I reminded them of the 40 or so hours I had spent on the phone to them during the past two weeks, but again a scripted response confirmed they could not give a monkeys.

2) In 2011 we moved once more and this time it took almost three weeks to get connected – and twenty to thirty hours on the phone to call centres around the world to departments of B.T. wide and far to get connected. Oh but this time they refunded me about £10 whoop, whoop! Three weeks lost business – that £10 had a lot to cover. Scripted responses as standard, once more confirmed they felt it was not their fault.

With this installation apart from £10 compensation I was assured by the sales team that I was entitled to a FREE £25.00 Amazon voucher, but I had not read the small print which stated the offer was time limited and needed to apply for this voucher within so many days of the initial start of the contract in order to get it. So no voucher for me.

3) In August 2011 B.T. lost mobile signal to it’s” B.T. Moble” service in Bristol, Again this cost my business 48 hours lost business during the busiest four weeks of my trading year because my landline number is diverted to my mobile when I am away from the office. After a twenty minute wait trying to get through to the right department on my spare mobile B.T. said not to worry it will be up and running in an hour or so – so like a fool I waited – I had four more conversations where they explained they could offer me no redirect facility resulting in a day of lost trade and no signal. By the second day I had managed to start getting a signal by driving 10 miles out of Bristol and spending the day sat in Mc Donald’s replying to the voice mails of the previous day, and hearing yesterdays potential customers saying “we have already got someone else thanks”. Not great! But by the end of the second day signal was restored, no apology, no compensation – no nothing.

B.T. are the masters of the art when it comes to getting customers on board. I just wonder why no other phone provider has yet been able to unseat this company that represents the most disgusting display of customer neglect I have every had the misfortune to experience. Oh and Yes I’m still in my 5 year contract.

I have sent a copy of this to BBC Watchdog.

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