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Submitted by Andrea in November 2016

I recieved my Broadband on the 1st November and it wasn’t working.
I called several times time BT costumer services during the 1st and 2nd of November and nobody was able to resolve the problem.

The operators were passing the phone call to one department to another. At the end one of the operators found out that the problem was an external issue, coming from the building, not on my line, so he said that an engineer will come the next day. I cancelled my shift at work to be at home all day (loosing money to stay at home for BT services). Arround 13:00pm I called BT again because nobody was coming, and another operator confirm me that an engineer will come definitely that day before 18.00pm. At 17:30pm I called back because nobody was coming, and another operator told me that the engineer won’t come this day (3rd nov), he will come the next day (4th nov).

Today 4/11/2016 I do the same procedure, I call BT to be sure that somebody is coming to fix my problem, and after long time awaiting on the line, the operator told me that no appointment for engineer was booked for today, and he will come tomorrow.

So I don’t know how long is going to continue this joke, but the customers services are being horrible to me. For being a new costumer I am very dissapointed, and the only thing I can do is cancell my contract with you if I don’t get this problem resolved today. I have been 4 days without broadband connection, paying my fee with you, loosing two days at work to be at home waiting for the engineer.

So I wait a compensation from BT for all this problems and time and money lost.

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