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Dear BT Complaints

I moved house recently and had email from BT saying broadband and new telephone number would be installed today. No engineer turned up so rang BT and got through to UK who informed me there had been a problem at their end and they were not coming today but if I held on she would contact manager and sort problem.

Then after 15 minutes waiting 6pm arrived and line clicked and started ringing! I had been transferred to india as apparently at 6pm the UK go home! So now I had to start all over again.

After another hour of waiting I finally lost patience and told call centre I was going elsewhere as all he could do was cancel my order and start a new one.

The real insult is that despite BT not turning up or even bothering to let me know that they were not going to I still got a BT bill asking for the 3 months in advance! I expect now I will get a red for a service I haven’t even got!

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