No Broadband Service – 20 phone calls later and still no internet!

Dear BT Complaints

I’ve unfortunately had no broadband service from BT since the 26th of September 2011, none at all. I’ve made 20 phone calls to BT Customer Service since the 26th of September and you apparently have made 6 phone calls to me…but guess which number you rang…the old number, even though on EVERY single phone call I have reiterated with the poor struggling customer service staff that my telephone number had changed!!!

Even up to last night Rauol was telling me that he would ring me back tonight between 6pm and 6.30pm on the OLD number.

On my first call 26/9/2011 and the 2nd call 27/9/2011 I asked if it was anything to do with my tel number changing, please listen to the calls, they said NO.

I have been cut off, transferred to services which were then closed, asked if I wanted to change my number, I tried to cancel the service but a new supplier cant take over the broadband service because Bt don’t recognise me as a customer, I have been given a MAC code when I tired to cancel which couldn’t be used because they only recognised the OLD number. One cust service person couldn’t take down my NEW number because their understanding of English was so basic they couldn’t understand the numbers.

It has taken me three weeks for billing to agree that I wont have to pay for broadband this month, finally on Monday LAST week someone admitted they hadn’t put an order into wholesale to get broadband put on my new number, they said 24 hours, after 24 hours it became another 48 hours, then guess what the order hadn’t been put in so now another 48 hours, so we get to last night I made three calls to BT Last night each one becoming increasingly ruder (on my part) because my broadband was still not on. I have been lied to, dragged round and round the houses.

I have most my temper on countless occasions and yes I have sworn laughed and cried twice. When will someone help me to resolve this problem, either to no longer be your customer altogether (8 yrs in this address), or fix my broadband.

Please help me!

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  • Hmmm. This is worrying as I am starting along the same journey. It is frustrating that the need to change my broadband was not picked up automatically but also frustrating that I had to diagnose the isue myself and explain it to someone in India who wanted me to check my ADSL filters!!!!!!!!

    Come on BT – get joined up and be effective!!!

  • I can relate to this… I had three numbers connected and dissconected and working internet for 24 hours before it was cancelled and a new order places, over 300 pounds of phone bills and only 24 hours of to show for it. Now i get told countless lies about getting an email clearing me of any obligation to bt. Im at my witts end these guys are con artists.

  • BT messed us around no end! They didn't turn up 3 TIMES after myself and my housemate taking days off work to be there. W couldn't talk to anyone english and had to continually takl to different people who all had different things to say. This is the poorest service I have ever recieved. Thank goodness for TalkTalk who I phoned ONCE and got it sorted. I will NEVER use BT or ever recommend them to anyone.

  • bt has been messing me about constantly first they sy broadband problem is because my phone line has a fault then when an engineer finally come to fix this he said there was no fault with the phone only broadband as if i didn't know i then get a message from bt saying they had fixed my problem lol speed is still only 0.3-0.4mbs if you can work with that. i phoned them they said some one is looking at it yeah right getting p*****off now they can take payments just cant fix anything and you cant get out of contract as someone is on the problem so they havent broken anything. julie unhappy bt customer

  • We have had this problem, i was told we would get money off our bill thinking they'd be apolergetic and be kind….£2 off….wow thanks for that BT.
    I find nothing but RUDE non english speaking people operating their telephone systems and im unable to get out of the darn contract with them AGHHHH!

    Its sad to know that the biggest telecomminication company in the UK could take a customer through these hell of a journey.
    I decided to switch my service provider from Virgin media to BT, I made a phone call 26th of Oct 2011 to switch the service to BT.
    BT said “my telephone and broadband” would start working 9th Nov 2011 before midnight, I did asked if there’s need for me to contact Virgin to cancel my contract, BT said no, that they would do the switching for me. That very night the telephone and broadband didn’t work .
    I made another phone call on the 12th of Nov 2011 to ask what was going on, BT said the service needs to be activated that they will activate it and I said fine. Two hours later I got a phone call from BT engineer saying his in front of my house and I said to him that BT didn’t say to me that they would be sending an engineer to my house, because as at that time I was at work, the engineer said is there a way that he could get access into the house, because he needs to run a cable. I said no, there no way he could get access into the house because there was no one in the house.
    I got a phone call from Virgin saying ; they werent awear that i had already switched my service provider, Virgin said they will put a note on my account with regards to my switching and that they would come to my house to get their “ digi box and wireless router in December 2011”.
    When I discovered that the service still didn’t work, I made another phone call 19th Nov 2011 and BT said they were sorry that they would look into it, so they sent me a BT Dongle, I did put a top up of twenty pounds and I cant even use it, the dongle don’t work, the reception is too poor. they said I should call back on 21ST Nov 2011 to book an engineer to come and resolve the problem.
    So I made another phone call 21st Nov 2011 which took about two and hours, BT staffs keep transfering me to different department until I went mad and I said to them that I wanted to cancel the contract with BT so they transferred me to the customer service department and finally at the customer service department they were able to look into the issue and they gave me a date (15th december 2011) that BT engineer would be come and fix the problem.
    To my surprise I got a text and email saying that the BT engineer wouldn’t be coming until 5th Jan 2012
    So I have been without telephone and broadband for 3 weeks and I am going to be without telephone and broadband for 2 months in total. You can imagine what am going through, not been able to use the internet and telephone. I cant say that I regret switching my service provider.

    adetola adenusi

  • Agree – BT customer services and technical department are inept.
    Have finally got contact details of UK customer services manager – Nick Stubbs 0121 232 7104 or 7220
    Alternatively try 'escalations manager' Susan Stubbs 0121 232 7166
    Another one to try is 0800 328 9393
    BT are a disgrace and do not deserve to be in business

  • hmm this is scary since friday 17th feb 2012 we changed our telephone due to harrasing calls and thought like other people they would transfer the broadband over automatically bud did they no.
    come number change broadband went off so rang them up friday evening got told 48hrs so waited till monday rang them again got told that there was a fault so would be sorted in 48 th 72 hours come the thursday when i rang them to tell them they said by 1pm would be back on and come 1pm still no broad band so rang them back up got told will be another 48 hrs hours again bla bla bla so come monday 27th feb rang them up again got aload of bla got told wait for it that we had two telephone numbers at home which we didnt and that they need to send an engineer out so by then i was getting completely peed i said hang on wait a min why do i need an engineer out when i have one number and this all happened cause i changed number well he said broadband was active on the other number lol by then i was getting so peed after 50 mins i hanged up on him 30 mins later he rang back i asked to talk to a supervisor which lucky enough i did she said she had put an order through broad band should be active in 5 working days and made a note that i should get 15 days compensation so lets wait and see now 5.15pm friday no broadband so lets see what happens monday if not on the can say good by to us as a customer and i dont care i in contract i aint gonna pay the cancel fee………

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